$5 or less cheap yet chic finds from Michaels

The other day I was shopping around Michaels and started to wander the aisles. I found a section full of bins where everything was $5 or less. After a quick walk thru I found a couple of treasures that needed to come home with me.

Here is a peek at my treasures:

Mini ceramic oval box with cover. Loved the designs on the lids. Reminded me something I would see at John Derian.Placed it by a sink figuring guests could use it to place their rings when they washed their hands. Only $2!

ceramic cover oval box

I hit the jack pot with there small glass trays. I couldn’t pick between the zebra and the diamond ikat one so they both came home for me. One for Hudson’s room and one for my vanity. Only $5!

diamond ikat glass tray

zebra glass tray

As a girl who loves monograms it’s pretty hard to leave behind anything with one of my initials. I was able to find an orange faux leather P with cute stitching on it. Off it went into my cart and came to live in Hudson’s room. Only $5!

faux leather letters

Happy Shopping! Have you found any cheap yet chic finds lately at Michaels?


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8 Responses to $5 or less cheap yet chic finds from Michaels

  1. Christina says:

    Oh my gosh! That ring dish and that orange ‘P’!! I’m definitely heading to Michael’s ASAP :) Thanks for letting us know, Camila!!


  2. Alyson says:

    So cute! Michaels can have some kinda interesting stuff on occasion. I may have to make a trip!

  3. Perfect little hostess gifts! I am heading over there for sure.

  4. Looks like I need to make a trip over to Michaels! Those trays are too cute.

  5. Deb says:

    Found that exact same Ikat tray and placed it on the glass end table in the living room for a spot of summer color. The zebra one is perfect for Hudson’s room!

  6. Stacy says:

    So Cute!!! Will definitely need to check out Michael’s!!

    On a side not, where did you get the white shelving unit in the last picture? I am looking for something just like that!

    Thanks so much and I love your blog!!!

  7. Such lovely inspiration:) your blog Is so great.

    If you like Lexington…check out my blog:)

    Have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  8. Bethany says:

    I love going to Michaels, you never know what you will find there!

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