Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend we were lucky enough to get an invitation out east! Who can turn done a trip to the beach? Not this family so, early Saturday morning we headed off to hang out with my sister and her boyfriend, Steve!

We had quite a walk to the beach. Lots of steps!


After all that walking all everyone wanted was a dip in the water. Hudson had no fear and went running right in.


It’s so hard now to get family shots, because Hudson never wants to stand still long enough, but we were able to get one where everyone was looking at the camera!

{How cute is my little lobster?!}

One last beach shot with my two favorite men:


We also got to take Hudson to the aquarium where Hudson got to see his favorite thing…fish of course! Fish was actually his first word so he loves saying it.

We were lucky enough to get another family shot here in one of the exhibits. Thanks sissy for snapping all of the pics!


Later in the weekend Hudson enjoyed some more fish time with a toy fishing pole in his water table:


After all of that fun Hudson did a lot of snoozing to finish off the weekend:

We did sneak in a little work and got our front door primed and ready for a new coat of paint!

{ Can’t wait to see it on the door and see if I’m a design genius ;) and I love it or if my front door now looks like a combination of Kermit the frog and slime. We shall see…}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! A big thanks to Ximena and Steve for being such lovely hosts.

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2 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. Looks like a fun weekend with nice weather….I’m certainly not enjoying the rain and thunder storms we are having now :(

  2. brenda says:

    I have to say it because you are going to hear it from others Whats going on behind the green door?? at least from older folks you will hear it. hope we get to see pictures.

    Hudson is getting really tall and so handsome and grown up looking. the family pix were great. professional looking even
    Happy 4th

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