Color Combo: Mint & Tomato

I’ve always been a fan of mint and have been happy to see it reemerge into the home decor world. Many times people can see mint as a shade that is way to pastel and reminds them of nurseries or Easter eggs, but mint can be a really grown up color when done correctly.

I love pairing mint with tomato and here is a little mock up of how I would use this color combo:

tomato and mint

Oh that bed! Isn’t it amazing? Love that it’s wood and love it’s curvy lines. The perfect masculine and feminine marriage.

I enjoy doing odd numbered groupings of artwork on one side of a bed. It’s a bit off and organic and works in spaces like this one. I’m smitten with the work of Clare Elsaesser and would use her pieces solely. Love Ring of Roses, One Two and Flowers for Ines.

Frames shown are Ribba in high-gloss red and Jallvik.

For lighting this unique piece by Currey and Cois the perfect pop of red.

My favorite bedding line, Crane & Canopy has just come out with a new colorway for their Pintuck collection and it’s mint! Perfection.

I always love a touch of glam in a space and this chest with it’s antique mirrored finished is made for this room.

Lastly we all need somewhere spot to rest our feet and what’s better than an authentic, vintage, one of kind Persian rug.

So, what are your thoughts on mint? Are you on board or think it’s best left for nurseries?



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7 Responses to Color Combo: Mint & Tomato

  1. I do like mint, but would never have thought to pair it with tomato red – and I love this mood board! I can’t decide if I like the bed, art, or mirrored chest the most, but altogether I think it would be a sexy room in real life.

    What would you use for wall color with a mint/red combination? That’s where I get stuck; often I come up with an accessory color scheme that I love but then can’t decide what to do about the walls.

  2. Cassidy says:

    How timely! My husband and I just moved into a new rental home . . . he signed the lease before I had a chance to inspect it (we were long-distance at the time), so I was pretty surprised to see the entire downstairs painted mint green. “It’s so nice, honey!” said I from between clenched teeth. This post gives me some encouragement . . . we have a lot of red and warm wood decor, so I think its going to work!

    I’ve never left a comment before, but I’ve been following you for awhile — I always appreciate your down-to-earth DIY and great eye! I’ve tried my hand at a couple of your projects (last house: wall pops on the stairs!) and they’ve always turned out amazing! You are so good at what you do!

  3. That bed! You’re so right – it’s the perfect marriage of the two. Love it! xo

  4. Kates says:

    I LOVE MINT! I am considering using it as the main wall color in our bedroom. It’s either that or a seafoam color!!!!!

  5. I adore this combo!! You are a genius!

  6. The Office Stylist says:

    I never would have thought that tomato + mint would look so chic together, but it does! Plus, I love the addition of the Persian rug!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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