Dorm Room Style with Crane & Canopy

Summer get-aways are now making room for road trips to drop off children or your siblings off at college. I can still remember the endless roadtrips with many personalities and items jammed into a car. After the long drive, fights with your sisters and screams directed at your parents for getting off at the wrong exit (what? was that just me?) you finally arrive to your dorm room. A sad little cement box that you get to share with a random stranger or two. Fun, right?

To add a little fun into the mix you can make sure you go to school prepared with a design plan of some sorts for your dorm room. Of course there is not a ton you can do, because all of the furniture must stay and your not suppose to nail items onto the wall. Also due to dorm rooms mattress size of Twin XL you don’t have a bunch of sophisticated options for your bedding. Except for now, because Crane & Canopy offers twin/twin xl in some of their duvet, sheets, and comforter designs.

I decided to reach out to a handful of my favorite bloggers and ask them to tackle a dorm room design with the same Noe duvet set to see what different mixes we could come up.

I’m up for today and here is what I came up with:

dorm room style with crane & canopy

1.The Noe Duvet set:Because college dorm rooms are typically so blah I liked the idea of picking up a blue duvet with a bold pattern. It will add interest to a space, provide some much needed color and hide a bit of dirt in between washing.

2. Throw pillows: It’s great to have extra pillows that you can toss on the floor to make for an extra comfy seat. A set of coral pillows with blue ribbon trim and one yellow lumbar pillow are a perfect accent for the overall decor.

3. Accent Rug: The norm in most college dorm rooms is industrial grade carpeting, which isn’t the easiest on the eyes. Of course since it’s a dorm room you can’t change it and adding a large area rug in a space that you have to share with others isn’t the easiest to do. I love the idea of using a small 2′ x 3′ accent rug to define your space a pick and have a soft cozy space for your toes to land on when you get out of bed.

4. Lighting: Overhead florescent lighting or little to know lighting at all is what I’ve experience in dorm rooms. If you have the space for an accent lamp weather it go on your desk or get perched on a mini-fridge is the way to go. The Delta lamp by Robert Abbey has a great shape to it and comes in a rainbow variety of colors. I would also add a lucite tray to corral your keys, student ID, etc.

5. Artwork: Artwork can be a great source of inspiration for a design plan. I love using it as a jumping off point for a color scheme. I knew right away that He & I by Brittany Bass would work wonderfully in the space. Adding to the mix is an SS Print and Bad Taste quote print. I would hang them above the bed with washi tape that can easily be removed once it’s time to move out or you change your mind and want to switch up the artwork.

Hope you enjoyed checking out how I would tackle a dorm room with the new help of a new Crane & Canopy twin duvet!

Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

Gabby from Savvy Home on Tuesday 8/27
Lindsay from Sadie & Stella on Wednesday 8/28
Carmel from Our Fifth House on Thursday 8/29
Lindsay from The Pursuit of Style on Friday 8/30

Happy Monday All! Scenes from my weekend will be back after Labor Day.

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4 Responses to Dorm Room Style with Crane & Canopy

  1. Ok. So this looks beyond fab. OMG!

  2. Elisa says:

    I love all the color! It’s perfect for a dorm and something to hide that hideous dorm carpet is a must!

  3. Gorgeous! My dorm room was an explosion of Laura Ashley. Anything would be an improvement over that. :)

  4. LindsB says:

    I wish this is what my dorm room looked like! What a stylish dorm room this would be for sure!

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