Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Let me tell you last week was a hectic so I was eager to have a weekend filled with fun plans.

On Saturday we headed out canoeing with Hudson for the first time! He loved it! Here are pictures from our adventures:







Hudson had such an amazing time. We canoed around for a while and checked out all of the fish, crabs and birds in the water. Then we found a small beach area and we went exploring and played with sand and built lots of volcanoes. We went with an old friend of ours and his little guy and everyone had a great time. It was so cute to see Hudson in his element with another little person.

We had an even more action packed Saturday, because after our outdoors adventure we headed to my IN-LAWS to celebrate my Father in laws birthday! Hudson continued with the playing here and I must admit that by 9pm we were all sound asleep at home.

Sunday we headed out east to celebrate Jon’s 32th birthday! Happy Birthday love! It has become a tradition of sorts that we head out pumpkin picking with both sides of our family for Jon’s birthday and everyone was able to attend so it was a big group.

We tried a new lunch spot this time called, Farm Country Kitchen.It’s an old house that has been turned into a restaurant and if you are not playing attention you will totally drive by and miss it. Not only was the food amazing, but they have an amazing backyard area with picnic tables, fire pits and additional outdoor lounge chairs. We had a large party so we decided to eat outside on the picnic tables that over looked the Peconic River and it was beautiful.


We were on a hill and Hudson was introduced to pencil rolling down a hill. He loved it and made everyone go up on the hill and give it a go with him.


Afterwards we headed out to a local pumpkin farm and got into the Halloween spirit.

We might have picked up one of two pumpkins ;)

I tend to take a lot sister’s shots with my two sissy’s and it’s still surreal that Hudson is around and we had an additional little buddy on our walk.


Here is a picture without the little guy.

Hudson with his Aunties:

Last year during this outing Hudson was just starting to walk. It was quite a difference to have him running around and picking out his own pumpkins this year.


The best part was Hudson trying out this massive inflatable maze, bouncy pumpkin, slide combo all by himself! He got a little help from Daddy to get up to the slide, but overall it was all him. Victory!


It was a fun filled day where we got to celebrate Jon and enjoy the fall weather. We all came home extremely tired with bellies full of apple cider donuts!


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4 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. What a fun weekend. How I love fall!

  2. Lauren says:

    Camila, I love that wore your leopard print flats to canoe….that is something I would do!

  3. Sarah says:

    Love your shoes (in the first pic). Do you mind sharing where you got them? Hudson is such a cutie!

  4. brenda says:

    cute shoes, beautiful fall scenery. I am assuming the little guy finished his molar cutting ?? He certainly is in his element outdoors. Thank you for sharing.

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