Style Plan: Nursery to Toddler Room for Little Girl

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in posts this week. Looks like someone decided he doesn’t need to be 2 in order to act like a terrible two and I have been dealing with lots of tears, tantrums, throwing of items, etc. To top everything off it looks like Hudson is also dealing with getting his two year old molars in. Which has thrown off his sleep cycle and naps have become rare if at all. All of this along with a heavy design work load has me a little spent this week and without the proper frame of mind to actually write a blog post.

I realized today though that I never shared a guest post I did for Hello Bee.As you know I love Crane & Canopy so when they came out with bedding in twin sizes I used one of their duvets as my starting point for a toddler room.

Here is a peek at my plan:


Head over to Hello Bee for product details.

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3 Responses to Style Plan: Nursery to Toddler Room for Little Girl

  1. Gaby says:

    Looove it! So so pretty, pink and blue looks gorgeous together, love every piece in here!

  2. I know the horrors of dealing with the terrible twos. Hang in there mamma!

  3. brenda says:

    lucky young lady getting that room.
    I was fortunate(?) to have a very difficult time cutting some wisdom teeth prior to my first child’s beginning to cut any of her teeth. Believe me I was so able to empathize with her and her brother when it came to teething. It can be extremely painful and very little that has any lasting comfort. Your little guy is experiencing pain that he totally cannot understand.

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