Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Sorry for the radio silence last week. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed these last couple of weeks that the blog has taken a little hit. There are only so many hours in a day. Hoping to start picking things up again this week.

This Saturday while Jon was off on a fishing boat trip I got a sweet little visitor in my bed at about 5:30am. Hudson was wide awake and I was not so much. We watched a couple of movies and he was still going strong at 10am. I got the nicest visitors at 10, my parents with bagels and their cleaning lady as a treat for me! Help with Hudson and a clean house! Thank you Mom and Dad!

{Sparkly clean living room. It’s still full of Hudson’s toys, but no messy fingerprints anywhere. :) }

I spent the day getting to enjoy a little me time and catching up on TV and I might have had a little nap as well!

In the afternoon I headed out to help my sister figure out her Halloween costume for a party she had that evening. In checking out my closet and Hudson’s toy we brainstormed a Soul Train idea complete with a large inflatable train that Hudson had and 70′s style clothing I had from an old party.

{Hudson enjoyed getting into the 70′s mood while trying on the wig we picked up for the costume. :) }

On Sunday thanks to Daylight savings we all woke up super early again and after a lazy morning in bed we decided to head out to run some errands and check out the latest HomeGoods that just opened that morning!

I was shocked to see a long line outside the store:


We managed to entertain Hudson long enough to actually wait on the line and check out the store. I was super excited to take pictures of all of my finds, but the store was packed and it was super difficult to take pics of items and even if I wanted to buy something the line ran down the entire length of the store so it wasn’t meant to be.

Favorite find had to be these bright orange chevron chairs. Love the idea of using a pair of them as head chairs at a dining room table.

chevron chair

In the same new shopping center a Paper Source had also recently opened so we popped in to check it out.

Walls full of card stock goodies and colorful envelopes filled from floor to ceiling!

paper source

Additional walls full of gift wrapping paper sheets!


My favorite find had to be these cute zebra gift bags. I would love to use them with red tissue paper for my Christmas gifts.

zebra bags

Overall it was a lovely fall weekend. We actually had a couple of nice sunny days with a little crisp in the air and most of the grass covered with leaves. Perfection.


Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. What a sweet surprise from your mom and dad! I can’t imagine anything better. Plus, naps… I stayed up way too late last night finished a rush editing job, so a nap sounds like heaven. Ah well. It was still a great weekend here, too!

  2. Your living room looks great! So cozy, pretty and comfy!! I love your shoes too, I have the same ones and they’re my most comfortable pair of flats!

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