Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! We had some fun times around these parts. My sweet momma was celebrating her 60th birthday so we had a couple of fun activities planned for her.

We started out with a fun day at the spa, which was a nice treat for me, because I got to leave my little man at home and spoil myself a little bit.

{Nice cozy robes, but I feel like they added 50 pounds to my frame.}

We also took our special momma out to a fancy dinner and took advantage of restaurant. Of course with Hudson dinner was on the early side at 5:15pm. Early dinner meant a happy Hudson who was excited to be out and about.

Group shot of everyone:

group shot

A shot of my favorite men:


Close up of Hudson. I mean how could I not? So cute!


We also had some work going on in the house this weekend. We have been dreaming of building a deck for two summers now, but we always get busy and we never have time to tackle the project. I finally decided this Fall that we were going to hire out instead of doing it ourselves and figured that since deck building dies down in the Fall it was the best time to get a good deal. I put a posting up on craigslist under gigs and in a matter of hours I had a bunch of people to pick from. I set up meetings with everyone the following weekend and then we made out decision. I’m happy with the guy we picked and it’s almost finished!

Deck progress:

{Hudson is really into tools so he had a blast “helping” the workers and project managing everything. }

On a totally random note I also managed to pick up another elephant related item for my house. This sweet cookie jar elephant for $7.99 at Christmas Tree Shops!


I don’t even want to count how many elephant items I have in my house. It’s a problem. :)

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  1. How lovely, thank you for sharing all this beauty!


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