DIY Ring Dish

This is one of the easiest DIY projects I have ever tackled. It will literally take minutes of crafting time! Inspired by this sweet ring dish I recreated my very own for less than 5 bucks!


-Plastic Animal: Typically I can find these at the dollar store, but they only dinosaurs in stock when I stopped by so I quick trip to Anthropologie got me a sweet little giraffe for $2.
-Metallic spray paint: You can really use any color you like. As a crafter/DIY lover I have a large stash of spraypaint so that was free!
-Crazy Glue: Again this was in my craft closet so FREE!
-Ceramic Ramekin: Dollar Tree find!

Step 1: Spray paint your plastic animal. We went with gold and to get good coverage we needed to give it 3 different passes. Let dry and then your ready to apply with the crazy glue. A dab on each leg will do.

diy ring dish

Step 2: Apply plastic animal to the center of the dish and let dry overnight.


Step 3: Pat yourself on your back for making such an easy DIY gift! Now play around with your new ring dish and find a new home for it. I had to keep one for myself.

It fit perfectly on my nightstand:
diy ring dish

It did a great job holding some of my daily favorites!
diy ring dish

Voila with girlfriends galore and everyone you know getting engaged it makes a perfect holiday gift or congrats on your engagement gift!

You can check out more DIY giftshere.

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One Response to DIY Ring Dish

  1. Cindy says:

    I love this! It’s so simple and these ring holder retail about $20!! That’s cray!

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