Friday Finds…

adore magazine

This week I stopped in my tracks when I saw…

Anne Caldwell’s home tour in Adore Magazine.That is her dressing room featured above. Anne has a love for all things Kate Spade and her home is perfect reflection of living colorfully, which I totally approve of.

I’m certain you will also fall into the rabbit hole when you start following Anne’s instagram feed, Notes from Monroe.

I’ve never lusted after green lipstick before, but after seeing Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick in action I now want to try it out for myself. Who wouldn’t want a mood ring lipstick of sorts that reacts to your lips ph balance and temperature to give you your own personal lip stain.

I’ve been fighting a bit of head cold this week and have been exhausted! Feel like picking this sweatshirt up and going on strike the next time I get sick. :)

If you are a home decor blogger you probably got a million emails yesterday that Pantone picked it’s new color of the year! It’s radiant orchid and while I don’t approve of the name I do approve of the shade. I’ve been pretty spot on with what the color of the year is going to be for the last couple of years and I’m happy to report I already use radiant orchid throughout my own home.

Still have room on your Christmas wish list? I suggest you let your Santa know you want a subscription to Domino,which is now available.

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One Response to Friday Finds…

  1. Simply Modern Home says:

    Looks like a mini Kate Spade boutique! Gorgeous!

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