Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was like most weekends in that it was a mix of fun and work. On Saturday we had two birthday parties to attend!

Hudson got to enjoy a party at one of those bouncing places and he had a blast!

{I couldn’t get one clear picture of him, because he just bouncing up and down everywhere!}

After this bash we got to take a little nap and then visit Grandpa to celebrate his birthday! We were all going out for an early dinner, but before that we needed to give him his birthday present.

You see for as long as I can remember my Dad has joked during every gift giving occasion that he would just go out to garage to get his gift. It was always a red car of some sort. I also always remember my youngest sister asking why we couldn’t just get Dad a red car if it was only thing he wanted. Ah to be young. Anyway this year all the stars aligned and when my Dad walked out to go out to dinner he was met with this:

{ It’s a sporty little Fiat in red with a sun roof and he is in love. }

What could be sweeter? Birthday cake of course. Hudson loves blowing out candles and trying to sing the song.


On Sunday I tried out one of my latest purchases, a a wet brush.I loved it! Made it super easy to brush my hair after the shower. No knots at all!


I also tested out one of my Christmas gifts. I have always had under eye darkness. It doesn’t matter how much sleep it’s just my skin type and it drives me crazy. I’ve tried numerous things and haven’t loved anything until now. This It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eyeis magic.


Here is my before shot:


Here is my after shot:


I’m hooked!

Since I was playing around with Christmas gifts I decided to test out another favorite gift, my lucite heart shaped vase from Lovestar:


Can’t wait to get fresh flowers for it and find a place to hang it up.

After all of the playing around I finally got down to business and started to work on client projects.

{Hoping my client is a bit daring and goes for this color scheme.}

Hudson didn’t approve of all of my laptop time and kept closing my laptop and then finally decided that if I was going to keep opening it up again he was just going to have to take it away from and promptly placed it on our coffee table.


I finally did stop working and enjoyed some play time with Hudson and then finally got into bed and enjoyed one of my other Christmas gifts:


My little sister made photo coasters for all of the family out of tiles with felt backing. Love the leopard and orange combo!

Happy Monday everyone!

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2 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. brenda says:

    well I sure hope your under eye cover up solution is also mine. I immediately ordered it.

    absolutely love what you all did for your father.

  2. Anne says:

    I love the coasters! Such a cute and creative gift.

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