Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

This weekend started out a bit wild for us, because instead of just curling up in bed to Shark Tank we headed out with Hudson to watch Disney on Ice!


To be honest it was a last minute decision and I wasn’t exactly sure how Hudson was going to deal with sitting still for a 90 min show, but he loved it!


It was so great getting to see him get so excited during the show. He danced around, screamed when his favorite characters came out, sang along and even had a little cotton candy.

On Saturday the weather forecast called for rain all day so, we decided to head into the city and meet up Hudson’s Aunts and check out the Museum of Natural History.


Hudson actually did pretty well here as well and we hit every floor except 3. He did give me the scare of my life when he arm crawled under the banquette we were sitting in the cafeteria and ended up 3 tables away, but all in all it was a good day!

All of us looking a little spent at the end of the day:

Afterwards we headed to my sister’s apt to help finish up their gallery wall:
{It’s nice to be pregnant. I just got to lay there and direct everyone else. :) }

I also got to check out the Manchester sideboard from Home Decoratorsthat I sourced for them. Got to say that I love it in person as much as I loved it online.


While I did that Hudson enjoyed some one on one time with one of his Aunts and helped her with her make up:
make up

Once we were done with that we headed back home and had a cozy Saturday in with a couple of movies from the local Redbox and since it’s a 7 Eleven of course I had to get a slurpee.


By Sunday we were wiped so we decided that we needed to spend a day just relaxing. We did have to head out in the morning to install a new rug at my In-Laws house. My mother in law tends is really traditional in her design style and I always try to shake things up a bit in their home. So for the last couple of Christmas’s I’ve been giving them decor related gifts. This year it was a new rug to bring some life into their living room. Luckily she loved it just as much as I did once it was laid out.


The rest of the day was spent napping. I think Hudson and I went down for 3 hours! Then it was just playing, playing and more playing with Hudson.

How cute are my guys?


Hudson also did a little fishing in our fish tank. One of his favorite activities:

The day ended with us watching the Golden Globes. As you can see Hudson was super excited! Here he is under the covers sitting next to me in bed.


Also totally random, but I had to share. I picked this cake late last week and it didn’t even make 24 hours in our house. Jon and I ate it straight out the box! So good!



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2 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. brenda says:

    so, the storyline was active enough to keep Hudson from becoming bored and restless ? That is a challenge for my husband so if things get drawn out I know there will be no help with younger ones whose boredom will be matched. I am certainly glad your days were so successful. the escape artist makes one wonder if our little ones have the joints of the mice that get places they should not and we lose it as we age. ??

  2. Anne says:

    The gallery wall looks great!

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