An effortless cup of tea…

Over the weekend my sister and I were talking about tea and what makes a perfect cup. When she was living in London last year she had contests with her flatmates over who made the best cup.¬† I’m a tea drinker, but honestly I had never really given much thought into how I made it and that there were actually steps for the perfect cup.

Intrigued I asked my sister how she learned to make tea from true Brits and here are her instructions:

1. Add your sugar first!

perfect cup of tea

2. Boil  cold water by either using a kettle, or a keurig. Not the microwave. Add teabag and pour water. A favorite tea brand among Brits is PG Tips,but use whatever you prefer.

perfect cup of tea

3. Allow teabag to brew for 2-3 mins depending on how strong you like it. Just let bag sit don’t squeeze it with a spoon. Remove teabag once you are done.

perfect cup of tea

4. Add as little or as much milk as you like at this point. Enjoy with a British digestive. Mc Vities Digestives with caramel.I always find them at Fairway.

perfect cup of tea

Ah! The most important part of the perfect cup of tea is to simply enjoy it. Enjoy the process of making it and take the time to actually sit down and drink it, experience it.

perfect cup of tea

Hope you test out making a cup for yourself. Especially with all this chilly weather and sniffles going around it’s really the perfect treat.

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2 Responses to An effortless cup of tea…

  1. Kate says:

    I love the tea set!! I’d be forever grateful if you would share where you found it!

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