Friday finds…


This week I finally got hit with that bug that has been going around that I had been trying like crazy to avoid. My poor little hands were red and raw from all of the hand washing I did. After a couple of days out of commission and spending most of the day in bed I’m finally on the mend just in time for the weekend!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

-In love with this office chair makeover.I think my favorite part is the patterned fabric on the back. Perfection.

-Equally in love with this bedroom reveal post.I’ve been loving dark green on walls lately and I love the feminine take on this space. Beautiful.

-In love with these Kate Spade pants.Totally want to pick up a pair for my post baby body.

-Earlier in the week before I was hit with germs I very quickly finished up a pint of the new Ben & Jerry’s core ice cream.I tried out Hazed and Confused and it was amazing! Half of the pint had chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip and the other half was hazelnut ice cream and in the middle aka the core there was hazelnut chocolate spread like a nutella. It was AMAZING!

-The latest blogger series I put together for my favorite bedding company, Crane & Company went live this week. Make sure to head over to Hi Sugarplum, Honey We’re Home, A Thoughtful Place and Home Stories A to Z and check out how they styled their beds with Crane & Canopy and their tips for the perfect guest bedroom.

-Lastly hope you enjoyed the two posts I worked on in collaboration with Kleenex.You can check them out again here with Chic Style for Ah-chooing and An Effortless Cup of Tea.If you enjoyed the posts I would really appreciate you heading over here to learn more about Kleenex designer boxes and if you like take a short 5 question survey and be entered to win a trip to NY and $5,000 in spending $$$.

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4 Responses to Friday finds…

  1. Thanks for the mention, lady! Glad you like my room.

  2. Sarah and Emily both knocked it out of the park!

  3. sarah dorsey says:

    Thanks SO much for including my office chair!! It’s such an honor to be included!! :)

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