Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend started out with a treat because I got to sneak out on Friday afternoon and get a manicure/pedicure! Ah so nice to just sit and be able to rest my eyes and not have to think for a little bit.

I ended up picking Stylenomics for my manicure and I loved it. It’s a deep green and had a super high gloss finish to it.


I even ran into TJ Maxx on my way back home and spied this beauty:


I loved the mix of the burl wood and deep wood tone and great hardware.

The reason I got my nails was because I was working the Bat Mitzvah I had planning since the end of the summer. It was wonderful to see everything come together. A full post on this will come later when I get the photographers shots, but until then here is a little sneak peek of the dessert table:


The guests got to enjoy some photo booth fun and fashion illustrations from my friend, Brookeof Fabulous Doodles:


I was there from set up to clean up so I was exhausted afterwards. I did manage to run into Nordstrom Rack on my way home and snagged a crazy deal! A Kate Spade scarf that was originally $128 on clearance for $19.20!!!!!!! I had to treat myself!


The best part of planning and working an event is that I got to bring home a left over centerpiece or two. So pretty!


On Sunday we had to do a photo shoot or two in the morning. Not that easy with a toddler around. We had some tears and sad faces on our had, but we were able to get the shots done.

Here is a peek at what I wore. Full pictures are coming this week.


The rest of the day was spent in Brooklyn enjoying a fun day with my family celebrating my sister’s 29th birthday!

We had a yummy lunch at The Farm on Adderleyin Brooklyn. Their grilled cheese was out of this world amazing. I ate it so quickly I never got around to snapping a picture of it.

Hudson had a blast with the birthday girl! They had lots of laughs outside of the restaurant scaring us. Hudson is a huge fan of Monsters/Monsters University and loves being a scarer and roaring at us.


We finished off our weekend by relaxing and playing with Hudson. No SuperBowl for us! Instead we watched the PuppyBowl so that Hudson could ohh and ahh at the players. :)

Happy Monday! Let’s hope this week treats us all well.

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  1. Can’t wait to see more of all those great looking projects.

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