As we slowly get little tastes of Spring I’ve been itching to get our new patio in working order with a living and dining area. I have lots of favorite items and directions to go, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on anything yet.

One thing I do know is that I love the look of Tolix chairs used outdoors. They are metal so they should wear well, they are on the light side and they can be stacked once it comes time to put everything away for the colder months. Plus I can get cushions made to make them more comfy and add a pop of color/pattern. I think I’m sold!

A real 100% authentic Tolix chair is $275per chair. Not crazy if you are only picking up 1, but we are leaning towards getting a rather long dining table and I will need at least 8 chairs!

After doing a little digging here is what I came up with:

look for less tolix chair

Overstock to the rescue with their inspired Tolix chair that goes by the name Tabouret. A set of 4 is only $179.99 plus free shipping!

Now my only decision is color choice. They are available in white, brown and lemon.

Ah decisions, decisions. What is a girl to do…

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  1. Beth says:

    omgoodness, NEED! love the look with the medium wood table. thanks for the tip!

  2. Julie says:

    We ordered 8 of the white ones to go with our outdoor table. They are fab.

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