Masculine Nursery via Home Decorators

Baby #2 is quickly approaching his due date. During this time with Hudson I was busy planning the finishing touches in his nursery. For this baby though they will be sharing a room since we only have 2 bedrooms in our house. This means no new nursery plans.

Of course a girl can dream and I’ve been sketching away ideas of what I would do with baby #2’s nursery if I had the extra room. For Hudson I went happy and colorful, but for some reason this time around I’m leaning more towards masculine design. I was sourcing rugs on Home Decorators and realized they had a bunch of goodies that could essential hold everything to design a nursery in one place. Challenge accepted and I got to work on a design plan!

Here is what I came up with:

masculine nursery

No.1: Loved the reclaimed wood look of these Holbrook bookcases.

No.2 & No.3: I would fill the bookcases with a boxwood topiary or two and baskets to help hide the mess.

No.4: Adore these accordion wall lamps and their $99 price tag! I would actually install them on the sides of the bookcase and hide the cables inside the bookcase.

No.5: Even a little gentleman needs some glam in his space. Enter this beautiful mirror.

No.6: I’m not a big fan of gliders in a nursery. I tend to make an accent chair in the parents master bedroom a glider and then use a settee in the nursery. The settee is a larger and helps provide a comfy sitting area for story time, playing, etc. Plus Hudson never liked to glide so I would always sit the settee in his room for feedings.

No.7: Ah the rug that started this all. Isn’t it a beauty? In love with the pattern and the burnt orange color in it. It’s not only soft, but busy enough that it would hide a spill or two.

No.8: Love the use of an ottoman with a settee. It provides additional seating plus a cozy place to rest your feet. Using it in blue leather adds a little something off in the space, which I think helps it look more real. Love the addition of blue in the room.

masculine nursery design

No.9: These black/gold drapery rodsadd a great touch of glam yet vintage look to the space.

No.10: Of course the designer in me had to step away from Home Decorators for a moment to pick out fabric for custom window treatments. Dying to use this peacock fabric from Tilton Fenwickand back it with a pop of orange.

No.11: I hate rooms that are all Belgium design. They are so popular at market that I just tired of it rather quickly. I do enjoy a little dose of it, which is where this chandelier works it’s way into the plan.

No.12: For the walls I wanted a shade of green that was dark, but not too dark. The perfect hue? Galapagos Green from Benjamin Moore.

No.13: Super sweet artwork that was made for a nursery.

No.14: I love pairing window panels with bamboo shades.

No.15: I had to use some sort of elephant in the space.

No.16: Did you know they sold cribs? Love this crib for the new gentleman in my life.

Whew! Typically as a designer I shop around a lot and never just stick to one store/vendor. It actually was a bit easier than I thought it would be and I had fun putting this plan together. One thing you will always tend to see missing from nurseries are traditional changing tables. I find that you never really use them. I have not used Hudson’s changing station once. I just always changed him on our bed, floor, or sofa.

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One Response to Masculine Nursery via Home Decorators

  1. Holly says:

    You’ve done a beautiful job pulling together a handsome and sophisticated space!

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