Style Plan: Colorful Patio

Before the brutal winter hit this year we finally got a patio/deck built in our backyard. We had been meaning to do it for 2 years now, but things always came up and the summer would be over before we knew it so, we would post pone it to the following year.

I didn’t want to let another summer go by without a main outdoor living area, which is what led us to reaching out to builders in Oct/Nov. A plus to doing it off season was that we were able to get a better deal on labor and we were able to get someone pretty quickly.

With the official start of Spring only a couple of days away I’ve been itching to start getting some furniture for the space. It’s not a large space, but we have enough room to have a dining area and a seating/living area.

Here is a look that I’m currently loving:

colorful patio style plan

Since it’s not a huge space I wanted to keep the furniture light on it’s visual weight. No big and bulky pieces for this space. Also with Hudson and a new little one around I wanted furniture that could easily be wiped and put out of the way if we want clear up some space and place the little kiddie pool on the deck/patio.

No.1: In love with this table and it’s mix of wood and colorful metal. Plus it’s collapsible and gets super slim in a matter of seconds.

No.2: Love these little french bistro chairs. Adore the pop of red and later on down the line I can add patterned seat cushions to them.

Now that dining area is taken care of we need to address a seating nook.

No.3: What is about yellow that just makes you happy! I love the idea of either two of these loveseats flanking each other or a mix of it with an occasional chair.With the slated backs we have the light visual weight I wanted and the cushions are slip-covered, which helps with kids.

No.4: Pillows always make me happy, which means I will be adding one or two of these outdoor pillows into the mix.

No.5: Love the idea of using a pair of these stools as coffee tables. They would be a good place to set a drink or two on and Hudson would love shoving things through the holes plus they can also be used as additional seating if needed.

No.6: Since this is going to be a seating area I’m going to want a nice cushy place for my toes. This rug is a perfect mix of all of the colors in both of my areas.

Ah! I can already feel the sun beating down on me. I’m still on the hunt so, we shall see what the end product looks like.



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  1. i love those ideas! so cute. we have some really bright orange chairs from ikea on our patio and they always make me smile. thinking of adding some fun colorful pillows to the mix this spring!

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