DIY Tribal Cutting Board

When I decided to take part in the Alpine Lace Life Ingredients Campaign I knew I wanted to tackle some fun and easy DIY projects to make it more enjoyable for my readers.

Since we were talking about cheese I immediately thought about cutting boards and voila my DIY posts were born. First up is a super easy post for a tribal cheeseboard. I saw this beauty from Furbish pop up on my instagram feed and I was inspired to make one myself.

I purchased a couple of these cutting boards from Ikea. At $2.99 they were a steal and the perfect size for individual cheese boards for guests or in my case a mini platter for Hudson.

Here is what you’ll need:

diy tribal cheese board
-Chopping Board
-Multi-Surface Craft Paint that can be used on wood
-Painters Tape
-Paint Brushes
-Salad Bowl Finish-protective finish that is food safe. Not pictured.

STEP 1: I just planned on painting the handle part of cutting board so that it wouldn’t be in area where food would be. Use your painters tape to mark off where you paint to end.


STEP 2: Put down a base coat. I decided to go with a white background color, but you can pick whatever you like.

diy tribal cheese board

STEP 3: Let base coat dry and check in on your fellow artist:


STEP 4: Now it’s time to have fun. Since you are going for a tribal look you don’t need perfection. I decided to go with a mix of stripes, dots, zig-zags and waves. All of it was free handed and stress free.

diy tribal cheese board

STEP 5: Let dry and let paint officially cure (time depends on the craft paint you use) before applying a protective finish. Since I just did the handle I could use any poly, but if you were painting more of the main food area then use a food save finish like this one.

STEP 6: Enjoy!

DIY Tribal Cheese Board

Now Hudson has a cute little platter for meal time. Love the idea of making a set of these to use during a wine/cheese night with guests. How cute would little individual platters be for guests!

Thanks to Alpine Lace for sponsoring this DIY post. If you enjoyed this project head over to Alpine Lace and learn more about their yummy cheeses and what ingredients people use to live a happy and healthy life.

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2 Responses to DIY Tribal Cutting Board

  1. Love this! I was just lusting after Furbish’s cutting board but couldn’t make the plunge knowing how we treat them in our house! What a great idea to “hack” an Ikea cutting board! I will have to add your link to my blog entry featuring it!

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