Patio Update: Seating has arrived!

A couple of weeks ago I did a look for less post on Tolix chairs and then I actually ordered them myself for our backyard and we love them!


Close up of chairs:

Close up of bench with upper back:

The chairs came super fast and in perfect condition. While having the real Tolix chairs would have been nice these babies from overstock are quite a savings and look amazing. I think we are actually going to end up ordering another set of 4 chairs, because we have the space for it.

If you are interested in the chairs you can pick them up here and you can pick up the bench here.We got everything for less than $300 and free shipping!

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4 Responses to Patio Update: Seating has arrived!

  1. Jen says:

    Where is you outdoor table from?? Love it!!

  2. Katrina says:

    love the table! We wanted the exact same one for our patio but its been out of stock for ages at our local Ikea and surrounding ones :( weith no re-stock date :( Looks like we’re going another route!

    Your deck looks so pretty!! :)

  3. Molly says:

    After reading your previous post about these I ordered 2 sets- orange and lime, for my coffee shop. Although 2 of the 8 chairs arrived damaged, the company was responsive to sending replacements. We’re loving how they brighten up our sidewalk seating. Thanks for sharing.

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