Scenes from my weekend…

Hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend to check off the summer season and of course honor the hero’s that protect our freedom.

We had a family BBQ to attend on Saturday that was full of little kids. Hudson had a blast enjoying all of the madness that occurs when 7 kids get together. There was tons of playing, some tears and of course meltdowns towards the end of the evening.

Hudson enjoyed the wheels that were available for all to play with.


On Sunday we didn’t have any plans, but after a quick online search we found out that there were some fleet week activities occurring a couple of towns over. So, of we went to check out some helicopters.

We figured Hudson would love it, but he was actually a bit scared and it took a while for him to get out of his stroller.


Even though Hudson was scared my other guy was more than happy to test out the helicopter.


We also bought Asher and tried to take a family shot, but let’s just say that Hudson was still in a mood and didn’t want to be a part of it.


On Monday we spent the day working in the backyard. Ok, so mainly it was Jon working on the backyard and I headed out with the kids to give Jon some time to get a project done without a little helper.

You see on my birthday (May 10th) we were all out for a birthday lunch and we decided to do a baby pool on when the baby would arrive. We all picked our dates and even showed Hudson a calendar and let him pick a day. He went with May 16th. We all giggled and told him it was way too early. Silly us, because his brother decided to arrive on May 11th. Since Hudson was the closest he won the pot. We were trying to figure out what he would want to do with the cash and when I saw Target had a 13 ft trampoline on sale we ran out to pick one up!

It took the majority of the day for Jon to build it, but it was totally worth it. Hudson was so excited about it!


I see lots of my near future being spent out on that trampoline. It was so cute to see them from the kitchen window when I was washing dishes.


The long weekend ended with all of us feeling like this!


For two days in a row I have found Hudson passed out in some state or another at my desk. So cute!

Happy Tuesday! Yay for short work weeks.







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  1. You have the cutest fam ever!

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