Treat Yo Self: Dohars

One of my favorite baby gifts to give to new parents are dohars from Mela & Roam. Dohars are thin blankets that are constructed of 3 layers of mulmul cotton. There is a pattern that is hand stamped on the middle layer so it peeks through the top and bottom layer. Each dohar is completed with contrasting banding. It’s super soft and light and gets even softer the more you wash it. It’s the perfect blanket for swaddling and I just saw that they have even larger sizes so, you now have the option of getting a twin, queen or king sized dohar.

mela & roam indian dohar

Baby Dohars are available here.
Twin, Queen and King Dohars are available here.

The best part about Mela & Roam is that not all of their inventory is online so you can always email them ( with requests on colors/pattern and see what else they have in stock that hasn’t made it online yet. That’s how I picked up one for Asher. Pictures to come soon!

Here are some other shops that offer dohars if you want some more design options:
-Good Earth
-Moon River
-Feroza Designs

Trust me they are a perfect addition to any space especially during the hot summer months.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our website on your blog :)

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