1. LifestyleBohemia says:

    These shoes are amazing! I'd wear them out to some Brooklyn hot-spots this weekend! Love them! xo

  2. inthetweeds says:

    Ooohlala I love these! I sure am a sucker for some animal print! Great giveaway!

    I'd wear them out to my birthday dinner in a few weekends with some sort of black dress mini.

  3. The Cockrells says:

    i subscribe through google reader, does that count?? =)

    i would TOTALLY wear these to work! 3rd grade teachers can be hot and stylish, right? and they're flats: perfect for 8 hours of teaching on your feet!

  4. High-Heeled Foot in the door says:

    Subscribing through google reader counts! Good luck!

  5. Melissa says:

    I subscribe to your blog through google reader and I would take these shoes everywhere, even to work. They are gorgeous.

  6. Jeannine says:

    Those are gorgeous! I wear them shopping downtown…so I looked a little more hip than I normally do. I'm in desperate need of some more trendy shoes!

  7. Lauren says:

    These would be perfect for hitting the U Street Corridor on a Saturday morning in D.C. They would also be totally hot walking around Victory Park in Dallas. Will post on my blog shortly!

  8. A Phares says:

    I am seven months pregnant and am currently circulating through some very boring sandals I bought that could hold my swelling feet 🙁 All my heels are up and away for at least two more months! But, I would make sure to wear these fantastic sandals to the hospital when my due date finally comes in September! Wouldn't they surprise the heck out of the nurses there! Plus, they are flats and look comfortable, yet they are super stylish—oh, and they match my new purse!

  9. Courtney says:

    Hey, I have a US address so count me in! You know the only place I love animal prints are on shoes and these made me SQUEAL! I love them and I NEED them. I would wear them with all my printed summer dresses that I get to wear year round now that I'm in Malaysia. And my favorite part is they actually hold your feet in! So I wouldn't have to worry about losing a shoe as I'm jumping across one of the millions of random 3 ft wide holes in the sidewalks here! GREAT choice. xx

  10. Shannon says:

    LOVE the shoes!
    I'd take them out on the town in NYC, my brand new home. But really, I'd probably wear them everywhere. 🙂

  11. Beks says:

    How fun, if there is a slight chance there is animal involved, I will wear it, shoe it, make a pillow, turn a lampshade into one and so on.


  12. PS~Erin says:

    Oh wow. These are pretty fabulous! What a great giveaway… I'd be wearing them to the first place I was going right after they were delivered to my doorstep. So cute!

  13. PS~Erin says:

    twittered to spread the word (and up my chances 🙂

    PS_ErinShoes? Why, Yes please: http://preview.tinyurl.com/

  14. ms. less is always more says:

    HELLO! Love these… with a fun black top and skinny jeans these would LOOK amazing!

  15. Erin says:

    These are PURE-FAB!!! I would wear them everywhere, trust me. With my maxi dresses, with my shorts, with jeans….shopping, out to dinner, to concerts. Everywhere!

    I follow you on the Google Reader!

  16. Design Esquire says:

    Those shoes are incredible! I'm not sure I'm cool enough to wear them, but I would love to try 🙂 Great giveaway!!

  17. Jackie says:

    Holy smokes, that is one HOT pair of shoes! Come to momma! I honestly would wear them all the time, out to my stay-at-home-mom hotspots: Target & the grocery store! HA! But they would be equally adorable for a date night with the hubby. Crossing my fingers and toes on this one!

  18. Jackie says:


    JackieofSPPN Enter to win a pair of smokin hot sandals here: http://tinyurl.com/knwhg9

    (I really want these bad boys)

  19. Yansy says:

    These are awesome! They will be perfect to wear out to Lincoln Rd for Lunch or Ocean Dr for dinner. I hope to win. I'm also hosting a giveaway of my own. It starts today so make sure to enter. Good Luck!

  20. Anne says:

    These are so ME! I am planning a trip to Seattle late in August– perfect!!! Please pick me! I will make these shoes so happy to be on my footsies!!! Love your blog! 🙂

  21. Chic Coles (Cole Design) says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Sam Edelman shoes!!!! I would wear these to anywhere in New Orleans or when I go into NYC and they would look FABULOUS!!!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  22. ams says:

    SO cute! I would totally be wearing these out to a fun DC happy hours! xoxo

  23. The Other Tiffany says:

    Great shoes. I'd wear them out to a casual end of summer dinner with my husband!

  24. The Other Tiffany says:

    Here's my tweet!

  25. Chic Coles (Cole Design) says:

    This is my second comment (for putting a link to your giveaway on the Chic Coles blog).
    I hope I win!!!!


  26. Elena says:

    Ooh, these are yummy! I would take these on my trip to the Dominican and strut them all around the resort in my collection of fabulous vacation dresses. I can already picture it… 🙂

  27. Meg says:

    Oh my gosh I would totally wear these with an amazing black maxi dress that I bought this summer. They would also go really well with some black shorts and a cute tank top. Love it! megrmeyer@gmail.com

  28. Melissa Marie says:

    Those shoes are amazing! Mega cute and comfy. I have followed your blog as a stalker for awhile so now its official.

    I would wear the shoes to the farmers market or jazz on the green or any fun casual Omaha events. But more important they would be perfect for my trip to Vegas in October.

  29. Jessica says:

    those are awesome. i live in texas so they could basically be worn like 9 out of 12 months…and everywhere.

  30. Holly says:

    These shoes are amazing! I would totally wear them (on a much-needed)date night with my amazing husband. I am in real need of a new shoe wardrobe since my feet grew a whole size while I was pregnant. I had to give away ALL of my shoes 🙁

    Holly Henderson

  31. Holly says:

    I just spread the word on my FB page. http://www.facebook.com/hollyworld.

  32. Holly says:

    Tweet Tweet from twitter.com/traverusinfo.

  33. Jessica says:

    Oh goodness those are awesome. I would def wear them to 80's night at a local club. Comfortable shoes are essential for dancing, but they're also fierce enough for partying. Swoon.

  34. Holly says:

    p.s. I posted this on my blog too: http://www.myvi.net/hollyworld

  35. Katie says:

    Oh my. Where WOULDN'T these go?!

    They'd start at the book launch party I'm planning for a client next spring in Nashville. And then they'd take on a life of their own and party their way off to the coast for a cocktail party… Oolala.

  36. suburban prep says:

    Hopefully at some point my husband and I will be able to take a vacation (haven't had one in almost 3 yrs) and I'd wear them out to dinner.
    Another event is for when the two of us go out to dinner for my birthday which will be in Sept.

  37. Jamie says:

    Love the shoes. I would wear those to Barnes and Noble Storytime, then JW Tumbles Gym Class, then to the park, then to playdates and all the other dates I take my baby girl on. I need to be a fashionable Mom!


    PS. I am a follower.

  38. Kristen Sara says:

    I'm a new follower to your blog and I love it!! I'm a student, so I would wear to these class and feel studious AND uber fashionable, all at the same time!

  39. Domestic Princess says:

    Wow! I'm in love. Why do I have to wear them out? You can be fabulous at home=)

  40. eliser1028 says:

    These are delicious 🙂 I'd wear them as often as possible, hell – even to work! Thanks for the giveaway!


  41. Dobbygirl says:

    I would wear them running around after my 1 year old. They are so adorable and I have a total leopard obsession!

  42. Jana Marie says:

    Awesome shoes! I would wear these on a night out with my friends. (:

  43. Jana Marie says:

    2nd comment!!! It's on my blog!

  44. Jana Marie says:

    now posted on my twitter account

  45. Tamstyles says:

    I would so wear these on date night with my husband. its my time to FUNK it up and they would do it baby!
    also shouting this out on twitter! count me twice.

  46. Miss | A says:

    um yes please! I would so wear these to my photography opening coming up! They would totally MAKE my outfit. I must have these. love, love. XO

  47. Katie says:

    I'm gonna say I'll wear them to shop! What better way to look and feel good while picking out more cute things that will all coordinate with these versatile yet fabulous shoes!?! Yeah, I said it.

  48. Julia says:

    I would actually wear those to work with a black ruffled top and a black pencil skirt – and my red lipstick. cute!

  49. mootsie0109 says:

    Gorgeous shoes! It would be impossible not to have fun if I was wearing these! I'd probably wear them when I go out to dinner with friends here in Michigan after a tough day at work just to make sure I have a good time!


  50. Carey says:

    Holy Cow! Those are some lover-ly shoes. I would wear those suckers around the town!

  51. kuney says:

    defnitely on a much needed date with my husband.

  52. GiGi says:

    they would go with me to the grocery store-to happy hour-to the farmer's market, you name it!!

  53. Gina Marie says:

    I'd wear these puppies on 5th ave straight to Burgdorf's so I could feel a sense belonging that I don't currently have on my budget there 🙂
    LOVE these shoes!!! & your blog!! xx

  54. JST Committee says:

    I subscribe through Google reader and I would rock these anywhere and everywhere. You can't go wrong with animal print!!

  55. MelissaDThomas says:

    Where would I wear these shoes? I'd wear them all day shopping to decorate my new apartment (of course, with direction & inspiration from your blog) and then out on the town with the girls later on that night to celebrate all my fabulous purchases!

  56. bluehydrangea says:

    I have actually tried these shoes on..love them!! I so regret not buying them when I had the chance!! Great give-away!!

  57. Courtney says:

    OK this totally doesn't count as another way to enter the contest, but I had to come back and tell you I'm still thinking about these suckers. Since when did leopard get to me like this?? I'm thinking one way or another, my closet needs the honor of being home to these beauties.

  58. pve design says:

    Since I am tall, and my foot is a size 10, I really use restraint in the shoe area….but those are cute…I would love to win them not for my big foot but for you. Can I enter for you?

  59. LindsB says:

    Love these shoes- they look like the perfect city shoes- flat, comfortable and with some major bling bling. I'd wear them all over town and tell everyone who asked me about them that I got them from this really cool girl I know 🙂

  60. Jennie says:

    These are fantastic! Would definitely wear them on a fun evening out (my birthday is coming up so I need a new outfit to match these shoes…oh, darn, more shopping!).

  61. Lauren says:


    Wish I had these shoes this past weekend for hitting D.C.'s Dog Days of Summer Sale!

  62. fromtherightbank.com says:

    Totally cute! I'd wear these everywhere for the rest of the summer. Seriously, they are the perfect for everything shoes!

  63. Courtney says:

    love, love, love the shoes! they are perfect! i follow you through google reader- love the blog 🙂

  64. Bethanie says:

    Cute shoes, cute blog! I'd take them just about everywhere!

    I subscribe through google reader 🙂

  65. paula says:

    Oh, how I would love to win! Hmm, I am thinking of a date out with hubby, the grocery store, car pool, etc.

  66. Brooke says:

    Leopard print is SO classic and chic! I'd love to own this flats to spice up my summer and early fall wardrobe. 🙂

  67. Tara says:

    love, love, LOVE them! i am a new subscriber through google reader and i would definitely wear these out for a day of shopping and an outdoor concert…comfort + style! thanks for the opp to win!


  68. journeychic says:

    Helloooo lover – that's what I have to say about these shoes. I'm a subscriber of your lovely blog. My hubby's birthday is next week and I'm taking him out to dinner at a swanky restaurant – these shoes would be perfect! Size 7.5 please. :o)

  69. carlee says:

    I would definitely wear them on my first day of classes! Great way to start the school year!


  70. Danielle says:

    These sandals are awesome- gotta love Sam Edelman!

  71. Nicole says:

    Those shoes are amazing!

  72. Becca says:

    Love these shoes! I'd wear them to class or for a night out with my friends.

  73. Emily says:

    There is no where I would not wear these! Well okay maybe not in the mud or rain, They are FAR to cute! I love his sandals, but these are soooo cute! I love the back!!!!!

  74. Cassie says:

    SHOPPING of course! Flat and comfy but hot!

  75. Michelle says:

    Oh my, I love leopard print! These are hot! I would totally wear these on girls night out!

  76. Kristin says:

    I love these shoes! and animal print is so in! these shoes are great to add animal print to your outfit in moderation. Great giveaway!

  77. Evie O'Connor says:

    LOVE those shoes! Thanks for the chance to win them.

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