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Baby Talk: Our crib

  1. we went budget friendly, and it’s more trad then I like, but sturdy.

    I must not have done enough research because these cribs are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love them all, but I LOVE the last one. One suggestion, your feet need to be under the edge of the crib when you lay a baby down. The drawer might hinder that. BTW – love this blog!

  3. Kelly says:

    We went budget friendly. I agonized over whether to buy the Oeuf Classic Crib or something less expensive, and in the end couldn’t bring myself to spend $1000 on something she would be in for only 2 years. We went with this option (from Walmart!)

    …it has great, clean lines, is sturdy and well built, and was far less expensive that the other option. I’m glad we saved with the crib and splurged elsewhere!

  4. Morgan says:

    I love the last one with the loft, but from your top 6, I like number 2. It’s a classic look and you can do a lot with the right fabrics to make it look fabulous. And just think what you can do in the room with $500! As long as when you see it in person and it’s safe and sturdy, I’d say go with that one. Just my two cents worth. Happy designing!

  5. sarah says:

    Since we had to buy two cribs, we went budget friendly at around $200 a crib. I felt anything less was flimsy like you were thinking Option 2 might be. I really didn’t want any of the ones where the bolts or screws showed, it felt cheap to me.
    I found a great classic crib at Babies R Us that I feel in love with for the right price!

  6. katie says:

    We went with a $150 crib from jcp… basic but super sturdy & I like it, glad I splurged on items that will be in her room longer than the crib. The last one is beautiful but my not-quite-2-year-old nephew would climb those rails in a heartbeat, I’d be scared to leave an older baby/toddler in it.

  7. Kate says:

    I’m just behind you (28 wks) but we are expecting twins and I just left my job, so I decided to swallow some of my design inclinations and go affordable and sturdy @ ~$150/ea, since we are buying two and using once rather than buying one and using twice. I would reco against anything that you think might be flimsy and can’t check out in person. It will get a beating for the 18 mos. or so you’ll be using it for this LO. I think they also reco against closed ends b/c of air circulation (#6). GL deciding! πŸ™‚

  8. Tracy says:

    I splurged on a $1,000 crib and wished I hadn’t. At the time we really couldn’t afford such an extravagance but I “had” to have it. When putting together the nursery I felt the crib was the most important element. Looking back I should have treated it as a “temporary” piece of furniture. Depending on whether or not you’re child is a climber or not, he will only be using the crib for about two years. I wished I had concentrated more on lasting pieces that we could have used for many years (like a great dresser or chair)!

  9. Kelly says:

    I went with sturdy yet budget friendly at around $200. For the first six months, I had a gorgeous cradle that was barely used, as she woke within five minutes of setting her down… not the most budget-friendly investment either, but oh, it was sweet. My nugget of advice, look very seriously at the convertible cribs. Then it’s not money invested for the first 18+ months, but something that can grow with your little one. In addition, I think drop-side crib are being forced out of the market because of safety concerns- it’s a shame because I loved mine- but it might impact the availability of the cribs you’re looking at.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with the statement about needing to put your feet under the crib. You don’t realize how important that is, until you can’t do it. What would be a cute alternative is to get a really nice lattice print (or whatever) navy/white fabric (with maybe a different color pom detail) for the bottom. All that being said, #2 is my favorite. And if it’s flimsy, you can return it! πŸ™‚

  11. I went with the white Ikea Gulliver ($99 at the time) and so far have not been disappointed. It isn’t flimsy, though it is light, which is good for me but might be bad for a family with older kids that think it is fun to scooch it around. I figure by the time my daughter is old enough to break it or scooch it herself, she’ll be big enough to withstand the bonks. Have you looked at the cribs on Restoration Hardware? To die for. To be bankrupt for, but ohmigosh they are pretty.

    • hush says:

      Another IKEA Gulliver fan here! Our Gulliver has held up beautifully the last 4 years, through the babyhoods of both of our children, including phases where a 145 lb. mama occasionally climbed into it herself to soothe a fussy baby! It is currently in converted toddler bed form – looks great, super sturdy, and such a bargain. Probably the best kid-related decor purchase we’ve ever made.

  12. I have never bought a crib so I have no practical advice other than to say that the loft option is really cute but I feel like it might be a negative once your little one is crawling around. I would imagine they are sure to pull it open.

    Can’t wait to see how your nursery turns out – im sure whatever you select will be gorge.

  13. effortless says:

    Thanks for all of the great tips! Of course I’m still on the fence with what I’m going to do. Didn’t realize the drawer on the bottom would be a problem so that one is totally out now.

    Still love my dream option. I totally didn’t think about the little man eventually trying to climb up the loft rails. It is an attachment though so it’s removable once the baby gets older.

    Ah decisions are the worst!

    • sangeetha says:

      total waste of money to spend over $500 on a crib, at least get something that converts to a toddler bed and a full sized bed if you are spending that much

  14. Becki says:

    I like #5. I don’t see anything on the product listing that says how high the bottom of the drawer is off the ground though. If it’s a good couple inches or so that would be plenty of room to get your feet under (far enough at least), or you could temporarily add some short casters to raise it up just a bit. If I remember correctly space is a bit of an issue in the nursery and that drawer might come in handy.

    I also like that #5 is convertible to a toddler bed and daybed.

    As for cost, both my girls used the same crib that I, my sister, and my brother used, a sturdy, beautiful ‘classic’ type of crib πŸ™‚

    On another note, I like #6 also. It looks like it may be high enough off the ground to slide some cute, functional baskets of sorts under it too πŸ™‚

  15. Sarah says:

    I have three children. I actually love the drawer option, and think that it would be a lifesaver, esp. since you’ve mentioned the room is small (if I’m not mistaken).

    I also agree that splurging on a dresser would be waaaay bigger deal than the crib. A bad dresser is horrible, a good dresser will literally last the kid a lifetime. A crib is about two years.

    I am glad I did not go with a dark color, as my children all teethed on the edge of the bed (!). My mid-tone crib did not show the bite marks and other scratches.

    I always go with my gut price-wise- the cheaper side of mid-range- for a piece like this (sounds like about $200.)

  16. Go cheap on the crib and splurge on a big kid bed. They’ll be using the big bed for many more years than they will the crib. But if you plan on having a lot of kids, maybe you want something nicer to last through all of them (unless they’re spaced far apart and your taste in design changes). That probably didn’t help much, did it?

    PS. I think 3 and 5 are the cutest. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  17. Jamie West says:

    We bought a Baby Mod crib from Wal-Mart (appears to no longer be available) and I have been so happy. The crib itself is plenty sturdy for my active 18 month old and I love the look of it (and the price)! Ours does have a drawer and I have had no problem getting him in the crib with it there (I’m 5’3″). I do have a bedskirt covering the drawer, so it can’t be seen but helps control the clutter. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  18. I think we were somewhere in the middle of budget friendly and break the bank. I found a crib that I really liked and felt sturdy. We planned to have two children so I figured it would get used for each child which helped me justify the price.

  19. Tempest says:

    unless you’re planning on having a hoarde of children, do NOT spend a ton of money on it! Our daughter (as well as new baby on the way will do this as well) slept in a bassinet in our bedroom for her first four months–as it’s suggested sleeping in the same room as their parents helps decrease the SIDS risk. And now at 18 months, we’re already planning her “big girl bed” transition. I could not justify spending 1000 (or even 600!) on a crib for 14 months of use, even though it will be used by two children. I think our crib (Delta Duvall) was around 200.

  20. I think I would pick No 4. I love the clean lines.

  21. Julie P says:

    Cheap on the crib. My daughter chewed on hers and so if we had gone expensive I would have been heart broken. Also – another thing to consider is if you are going to use a bumper or not (its a highly debated topic) crib 5 & 6 are really tough with a bumper – because there is nothing to tie the bumper too when the side panels are not slatted. Hope that makes sense. Oh and I preferred baskets under the crib – lots more storage with those than with the drawer.

  22. Beth Anne says:

    Love number 6. I would go budget friendly because cribs hardly ever get used! at least in my house

  23. samantha says:

    We splurged, and it was a good thing. My son was born with a super rare heart condition and spent the 1st 6 months on a ventilator. When we finally came home it was a loooonnnnggg time before he was ready for a big boy bed. Like 3 years….plus a few months…okay lots of months. Anyway, I think that it’s always good to have the sturdy crib that you love because you never know how long you are going to use it.


    PS. thanks for the link about the cevron fabric.

  24. I spent $40 on Collins’ crib at a consignment store… it retails for about $120. All of them have to meet a certain code— so don’t worry about it being built tough or flimsy. They are all very similar.

    I painted his to get a more custom look… but yes… they will chew on it so I wouldn’t spend the money. And they don’t stay in it long (usually b/t 18-24 months)!

    Spend more on the other pieces in the room that can be used longer!

  25. Jessi says:

    We splured on an $850 crib and I haven’t regretted it a bit! It has now gone through two babies and is waiting for when my sister is ready to start her family.

  26. Betsy says:

    I thought that our crib looked alot like your $1000 crib but for alot less. It doesn’t have the top portion:

    For the record, we LOVE this crib. I’ve got an almost 1 year old

  27. Cheree says:

    We bought the SUNDVIK crib from IKEA for $119 and love it…

    pictures here:

  28. carla says:

    You might check out your favorite baby boutiques for deals on this year’s more pricey crib models. Stores such as b. braithwaite on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta (LOVE) sometimes have great offers toward the end of the year on leftover inventory, and you can get a beautiful quality crib, as well as other baby gear, at a deal.

  29. Go with what you love….hopefully if you wish, you will be blessed with more babies and you’ll get use out of it….once my kids starting standing up, they would bounce up and down and I was so afraid the crib wouldn’t be sturdy…we splurged and I never regretted it either! My kids both jumped out of the crib at around 15 months but I was able to take the side off and add a toddler rail…gives it a longer life…good luck!

  30. I went super-cheap at $0 and used the classic white Jenny Lind crib that my parents had saved from when I was a baby. It lasted through both of my kids…and I’ll be using it again for #3 next spring! Though we do have to get a new mattress as my son tore holes in the one we had (in my experience, boys are MUCH harder on everything than girls). Check out whether that crib cost includes a mattress because you’ll also need one of those! My experience is that a good dresser that they can use for years is a much better investment! Good luck choosing!

  31. Sarah says:

    We didn’t go budget friendly, and I REALLY wish that we had! I’m constantly changing things in my house, but feel like I can’t do anything to change my daughter’s room because of the not-so-cheap crib and dresser that I hadddd toooooo havvvvveeee!! Not to mention, my daughter chewed the railing to bits one day when she was teething and I would have been a lot more okay with that if we had gone with the $100 crib from Ikea that I also loved.

  32. We are currently in a one bedroom, but moving to a house after the baby is born, so we had to go practical. We bought the Argington BamBam- converts from a bassinet (while we’re still in our small space), to a full size crib, to a toddler bed for $450. Plus it’s not horrible to look at.

    It’s all set up waiting for a little warm body; the bassinet is so sweet!! All your options look great. I think my nephew has the two tone one. He’s really rough on it- but at almost 3- it has totally held up!!

  33. I love #4, and I can’t believe it’s so reasonable. We splurged for my first daughter on a Pottery Barn crib (I feel like all the cool mod options were not available as they are now), and I got sick of it quickly probably because it seemed like every other crib. I love Oeuf, but it’s not accessible to everyone. I was on Pinterest a few weeks ago and saw a really cool gray crib, and it was from Walmart! They have a line called “Baby Mod” and the cribs are nice.
    The gray one is $200, and totally hip.

    This white one was pretty nice too.

  34. I’m expecting too, & went the cheap route! I’m having a girl so got a Jenny Lind & painted it. There us just sooo much stuff we have to buy for these new babes I say save some dough!

  35. Kinga says:

    I have option 5 in brown/white color combo and have to say that I LOVE the drawer and it comes very handy. The baby stuff took over our house so any additional storage is great!

  36. Anna says:

    Go with good quality – but don’t spend a fortune on something you may never or rarely use. If your baby is a chewer you want to be sure they aren’t chewing off little chips of paint (with goodness knows what chemicals in it) from some cheap cot. Then you have the mattress to consider – I went for a low chemical, locally made one after doing some research.

    I spent ages choosing a good quality, locally made cot. There was a beautiful range locally made with very high quality materials (Sunbury, Australia) but very expensive so I ended up getting one second-hand in perfect condition. The last owner’s daughter apparently spent no more than 5 nights in it and the rest of the time in mummy’s bed. Well, the last owner got more use out of it than my daughter did – she probably slept in it a maximum of 2 nights, if at all. Nothing wrong with the cot, just the way she was. Am wondering if I will bother keeping it for the next child (whilst simultaneously praying for a sleeper next time around) or just get some more space and money back now and be done with it.

    My daughter went straight to a toddler bed at 18mths (well, bounces between there and our bed). The cot was convertible but was too high and didn’t have the little sides on it that toddler beds have, so we didn’t end up using that feature of it.

    As to the cot bumper debate, here’s what the experts are saying as of this month:
    So there is now a specific recommendation against using them as part of safe sleeping guidelines.

  37. Kari says:

    I splurged on an Oeuf Sparrow crib in walnut and don’t regret it. I love seeing it every time I go into the nursery. We’ll either use it for another baby or resell it on Craigslist. I am confident I can get about half of my money back through resale, which makes it much less of splurge in the long run.

  38. Jacquelyn says:

    I haven’t had any children yet so havent had to buy a crib – but I am also in LOVE with that pricey piece you posted – WOWZA! Out of the options you posted at the start of your post – just design wise I like the look of the second one the best (which I notice just happens to be the more budget friendly one)

  39. Maritel says:

    We actually bought option #6 for our soon-to-be here little boy in December. I love it! It is a great price and for my petite stature (4′ 11″) it’s the perfect height to put baby in and take baby out. I’m making a custom chevron bedskirt to give it some pizazz.

  40. Heidi says:

    I just don’t think $600 is a bad price to spend on furniture, let alone a bed. Remember it is a bed- you couldn’t get a bed brand-new for $600 for your bedroom could you?! Also, remind yourself that you will most likely have more than one child to use this crib. Our crib will be used by 4 kids x 2 years- that’s 8 years of use, that justifies the less than $100/yr tag. & ours will convert- if we decide to even use it by then.

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