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When I think of Kristen from Simply Grove I think of cool. From her chic haircut to the amazing clothes she rocks and the beautiful images she shares on her blog I know she just has “it”. I was so interested to see what when on in a day in her life. As a mom of two I knew she must juggle a lot of balls in the air and I was interested to see her secrets on how she gets it all done.

Take a peek at a day in her life:

7:30-8:30- The sun is out and my Eden Jo is begging for oatmeal.  Time to get up!  (Morning time vary’s from day to day.  I am a flexible mommy.)

8-9 Get myself ready for a fun filled day!

9-10  Kids play and watch PBS while I have some mommy work time.  Time to tackle emails and the bloggy blog!  I never have over 20 emails in my inbox.  So if I wake up with over 200, guess what?  I delete, reply and categorize until that baby is minimized!
It is such a blessing to receive submissions for the blog so I am not having to brainstorm blog posts every day.

10- Make the kids a snack and if its hot outside (yay for summer) turn the slip and slide on.  While the kids are getting wet and wild, I work on my design projects.  I have 3 out of state projects happening.  All of them are super easy to work with so it makes my job easier.  Time to find the perfect chair for Colorado, kitchen back splash for California and bedding for Chicago.

11- Pick up around the house and clean the bathrooms.  (Cleaning is a pass time for me!)

11:30-  Hubby comes home so that I can go to lunch with a possible new client.  (School time makes working a little easier but I LOVE summertime with my kids!)

1- Come home, grab the kids and go THRIFTING!  I love it way more than the kiddos do.  On this particular trip, I find the perfect sideboard for my dining room.  And the price?  A brilliant $50.  YES!

3-  Because I dragged the kids all over, its time to repay them with a trip to the park.  We like to think of ourselves as the park experts.  Boise is known for having some great parks, and we have visited ALL of them.  Their favorite is in a cute community, near downtown.  Lets do this thing!

5- Head home to start dinner time!  We love food and my husband LOVES to cook.  How did I score that??!!  Tonight is bbq night.  Shane bbq’s seafood shish kabobs and corn on the cob.  I make a yummy acai vinaigrette salad.  We all gather on the back patio for a nice family dinner.  Again, I LOVE summer!

7-  I head over to a close friends house to help her with some projects and furniture purchasing.  How do my friends repay me?  With food, coffee and clothes!!

10- Get home (the amazing hubs has already tucked the kids in), check emails, hang out with the hubby and make sure the house is picked up for the next morning.

12- Bedtime!  I know, I am kind of a night owl:)


What a productive day. She was able to roll everything together and be a mom, wife, friend, blogger, and interior designer and still get some down time. Bravo! Totally wish my hubby got home that early! Jon’s new arrival time at night has become 8:30pm and it’s not fun.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I will be home working on some painting projects for clients. Well due to my condition I can’t really paint, but I’ll be supporting Jon from the lawn chairs. :)

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3 Responses to IN HER SHOES: Simply Grove

  1. I so agree, Kristen just screams cool- loved having this peak into her very busy life- fabulous!

  2. Sara says:

    Love this series, and this one was great! Fun to see how she manages the kid balance (my kids are about the same age and NO WAY would they go thrifting for 2 hours in a state where I could actually focus ;). I must not have trained them enough/correctly! Have to work on that ;)! Also nice to hear how she deals with helping friends with design projects. I am going to transition to just helping friends (and acquaintances, really) for free and starting my own little business this fall (yikes!). I predict that I’m going to have a hard time figuring out where to draw the line on who to charge, but happily I have 2 real friends who actually want to pay me! :)

    Thanks, Camila and Kristen!

  3. that sideboard TOTALLY looks like the one from Young House Love in Clara’s nursery! SCORE for you guys!!! LOVE the shape!

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