Weekend Recap: 27 weeks and counting

As you all know we got a little surprise in April and this past week I hit my 27th week. This coming Wednesday I will be entering my 3rd trimester and to celebrate a bit we went in this weekend for a 3d sonogram!

Of course while the little peanut has been moving non-stop he decided to take a little nap during this session so I had to do lots of moving to try and get a shot of him.

Here is a pic of one of the best ones:

Isn’t he sweet looking? Not sure why, but he enjoys having his little foot right up to his face so that’s what you see on the left side. Throughout the session he either had a foot up against his face or a foot and hand. He must be camera shy.

The rest of the weekend was spent cheering on his Daddy and Auntie as they ran the Hampton’s Half Marathon! (Pictures to come on facebook) The remainder of the weekend was spent recovering. Even though I didn’t run it I’ve been dealing with lots of horrible leg cramps* and I’ve been trying to stay off my feet and ease the pain.

Don’t worry I managed to sneak in a fun and easy DIY project that I will be posting about tomorrow!

*Any tips for dealing with leg cramps? I’ve tried upping my water intake, eating banana’s, light exercise and even sleeping with a bar of Ivory soap (don’t ask) and nothing has eased the pain.

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26 Responses to Weekend Recap: 27 weeks and counting

  1. 3rd trimester? Time certainly flies.Just wanted to stop in and see how you two are doing.

  2. mhr says:

    When I was pregnant my obgyn told me to take potassium gluconate tablets (over the counter and available at health food stores) to ease leg cramps. It worked.

  3. Paula says:

    Wow, time does fly by! And I used to get bad leg cramps when my vitamin D and calcium levels were low during pregnancy. Dr. usually had me increase vitamin D. Hope the leg cramps stop soon.

  4. Hayley_KM says:

    I had horrible leg cramps during my pregnancy. I started eating bananas like an hour before bed. Something about the amount of potassium found in them helped tremendously.

  5. Tara says:

    I had leg cramps during my pregnancy, too! I used an old sports med doctor trick and ate pickles and would occasionally drink pickle juice. The vinegar helps relieve the cramps; and it always worked for me if I was in the midst of a cramp. drink a little juice, rub my calf, and it was gone! If you’re truly desperate, you can just drink straight yellow mustard. But that seems pretty disgusting to me.

  6. He is so beautiful, he brings tears to my eyes! How beautiful and dreamy and precious an image, you must be so happy.

    I am so very sorry about the leg cramps! I get them in my legs and feet, orange juice seems to help.

  7. I feel ya girl! I just hit week 24 yesterday and every time I strech my legs I lock up. It’s really not fun. I also can’t seem to sleep through the night. I wake up at 2:30 (**wide awake**) and can’t seem to fall back asleep til around 4:45. I can’t wait tfor this boy to make his debut!

  8. Moira says:

    I ran the half marathon this weekend with my brother and I swear I saw you on the sidelines. I said to my brother, “I recognize her from her blog” and he, of course, thought I was crazy. But it was you!
    Hope you are feeling good!

  9. Kim says:

    I know a ton of people that swear a teaspoon of yellow mustard before bed stops cramps.

  10. Kirsten says:

    As soon as you start to get a leg cramp. Immediately elongate the muscle. (I.E. if the cramp is in your calf, pull your toes toward your shin!)

  11. Anne says:

    I found that stretching my calves really helped with cramps. What to Expect When You’re Expecting describes the exercise I did, I just looked up cramps or leg cramps in the index.

  12. Congrats! What an adorable little bug!

  13. jenn says:

    I always drink a little bit of apple cider vinegar in water when I get a leg cramp. Takes the cramp right away. I’ve also heard that pickle juice works? But I haven’t been willing to try that :). Hope you’re feeling great besides that!

  14. Jill says:

    I got terrible leg cramps in both pregnancies… I remember waking up in the middle of the night and ending up in tears from the pain! I always tried to stretch through the heel – never point my toes, always keep them flexed to just avoid them all together. Sounds, weird, but it worked!

  15. Melissa says:

    I took calcium and magnesium tablets, which are also supposed to help do something to help labor progress more easily– check with your OB first, though, because I feel like maybe it was something I didn’t do until nearly the end… hang in there!

  16. AngieK says:

    I feel you with the leg cramps, I’m just about 33 weeks and they have been pretty unbearable for a while now – the “usually wake me up in the middle of the night, no amount of stretching helps, have to wake up my husband to massage them out for me” type of cramps. I had a few people suggest calcium-magnesium, but I’ve been taking that since the beginning of the pregnancy so it’s not doing much to help (though try it if you aren’t yet). One of the best suggestions that I got though was that the cramping could be due to an electrolyte imbalance and that the easiest way to solve it is to drink some powerade/gatorade every day to restore the balance. No need to drink the whole bottle, about a cup a day (I just bought the smaller-sized powerade bottles) is enough. I have found this works pretty well – days I drink it I am fine, days I don’t I end up with cramps.

    • effortless says:

      Thanks Angie! That’s exactly what I’ve been having. I keep wake Jon up in the middle of the night screaming! I try stretching, etc, but nothing helps. The stretching actually makes it worse for me. I actually started drinking smart water today due to the electrolytes. Hopefully it will help. Also bought gatorade even though I’m not a fan of the taste. I can handle a cup though so will try that as well.

  17. diane says:

    salt tablets work but I would check with the doctor first since too much salt is probably not good for the baby……good luck and the pics are amazing. so nice to be able to get to know him before he arrives…something that was not available when my little one (now 23) was born.

  18. Chelsea says:

    Prenatal massage!!

  19. Wow, those 3D pics are amazing! He’s adorable already! As for the leg cramps, I slept with a pillow between my legs, and that helped a little bit.

  20. Lizzie says:

    How precious! I bet you are so excited! It’s pretty amazing about technology these days, the 3D sonograms are so amazing. I can’t wait to get preggers too! Congrats again!

  21. Christine says:

    Try tonic water. I had a doctor prescribe it once. Drink some before you go to bed.

  22. carmel says:

    How precious! Try cutting down on your sodium intake. That might help. You’re almost there! Homestretch now!

  23. I am a week ahead of you. Last week my doctor recommended calcium magnesium vitamins, which have totally worked for me. I am actually taking the Trader Joe’s Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium vitamin, as I am also Vitamin D deficient. Good luck!! And super jealous of your 3d ultrasound. I haven’t had an us since week 17.

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