Weekend Recap: The Breakdown

Hi All,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was full of slushy weather that included a blanket of snow on my lawn and lots of cleaning! Let’s just say that since I started my 3rd trimester the nesting bug has totally kicked in and I can’t stop cleaning.

Due to the wet weather outside we decided to stay in doors and start tackling the soon to be nursery.

It was sad to see the guest room go:

{One of my favorite rooms to design.}

It was sad to break it all down, but after a couple of years with it I was ready for a change and I wanted the new little man entering this world in December to have a fresh new space designed for himself.

Sunday afternoon the room looked like this:

┬áIt’s hard to believe that after all of that cleaning and removing of items the room was not empty! We simply ran out of steam and space to move some of the items. Since Jon’s clothes is normally in this room we had to remove all of them and rearrange things in our own room so that added some time to the project.

But the closet is finally empty as well:

Can’t wait till everything arrives and it looks more like this:

{Image via Cottage Living}

All in all it was great to get so much progress done in the room. Tonight we are going to fix all of the holes on the walls and get everything ready for the paint that is set to arrive any day now!

Now of course all I want to do is nap. Along with the nesting bug kicking in the complete exhaustion has also returned. It’s so hard to sleep at night. I wake up at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and then finally again at 7:30. Any tips to make sleep any easier?

Did you have snow in your neck of the woods?


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15 Responses to Weekend Recap: The Breakdown

  1. Take some Melatonin an hour or so before bed works for me.

    I also have a friend that tries a cold icepack under her head and she falls right asleep…(it’s some study that just came out and in the future they are making some helmet thing with a ice pack built in) but she just uses an icepack.

    Can’t wait to see the closet…room is looking great!


  2. After three kids, I decided that the cruel irony that you can’t sleep during the last few months that you are the boss of the hours that you sleep is your bodies way of getting you ready for the lack of sleep that is just around the corner…..it’s like training for a marathon….sort of….except at the end of the marathon you’re tired in a good way. :)

    I found releif sleeping with a pillow between my knees….I hope you are able to get some rest before you have your baby!!

  3. sarah says:

    I never found relieve either, I was up every hour at the end with my twins!
    However, I heard lots of people talk about sleeping in a recliner…

  4. I’m with the others. Your body’s just practicing to get up with the baby. Hope and pray your son will be a good sleeper! If not, know that you’re not alone, because my daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was a year old. Good luck!!

  5. Barbara says:

    You’ve done so well in so little time, the nursery already looks great! Good luck for the few months you have left!

  6. I can’t wait to see you transform this room!!!

    And the waking up thing…I think it’s nature’s way of preparing you for when the baby arrives and gets up to eat!

  7. Yay!! I can’t wait to see how this room transforms!

  8. Katrina says:

    I so remember the sleepless nights and days of being so tired!! :( My only tip would be to take lots of naps thought out the day and kick you feet up

  9. Congrats on entering your 3rd trimester! I hit my 3rd trimester this week too. We spent the weekend buying a 4 wheel drive and testing gliders. So many decisions to make. Can’t wait to see your nursery.

  10. Donna McCandless says:

    there was a cool crib on this site today is you haven’t decided yet.

  11. You made a ton of progress!! That is one beautiful guest room, but I’m excited to see what you do with it! Happy Halloween!

  12. Camilla – Can’t wait to see this room finished! As for sleep, I had three and is it terrible to say in hindsight it’s so much easier to sleep when you’re pregnant when you don’t have two toddlers as well? So it’s all perspective – just nap, nap nap whenever and wherever you want!

    Happy Halloween!


  13. Tara says:

    I had trouble sleeping with my twins, too. Every once & awhile I broke down and took a half dose of benadryl… not saying I recommend that, but, well, I was desperate.

    Good luck!!

  14. Aja says:

    :) I must say, your middle of the night wake ups sound surprisingly like a newborn wake up schedule. I can’t believe you are already in the 3rd trimester! It’s flown by! Can’t wait to see the nursery all done!

  15. Beware those shelves in the closet! Remember that you’re having a boy, and he WILL try to remove everything from the shelves and then climb up them like ladder. Goodbye, sweet little shelf vignettes! ;-)

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