Chanel like Ballerina Flats for Cheap!

Yesterday I saw this picture on Pinterset:

{Image via Good Things are Wild & Free}

Not only do I love the mint colored pants, but the shoes reminded me of a classic Chanel ballerina flat, which in turn reminded me of a pair of flats I’ve been meaning to pick up!

I already own them in black and they are my favorite pairs of flats! I used them through the last trimester of my pregnancy and they were so comfy. Best part? They are currently on sale for $20 and the best part is that I just got a 20% off coupon in the mail! I think it’s time to head out to Payless and pick these bad boys up!

For those of you that don’t have an in store coupon I did a little digging and if you order online and use coupon code 65806 you can get 25% off!

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12 Responses to Chanel like Ballerina Flats for Cheap!

  1. Camilla- Very sweet shoes! Happy Spring!


  2. Holly S says:

    Totally just bought these with the coupon you shared…plus shipped free to the store! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just ordered! Thanks for the coupon code..saved money so thought I’d better throw some hoops into my cart:)

  4. laxsupermom says:

    So cute! Thanks for the coupon code!

  5. I love these! I may have to go check them out myself!!! Thanks for the tip!! Make sure you check out my page today!

  6. Erin says:

    ordred! thanks girl =)

  7. Thank you for the recommendation (and the coupon code)! Style+comfort+great price = fabulous. I just ordered a pair too.

  8. Those are so cute! I love the color combination. :-) Thanks for sharing — I just may have to pick a pair of those up!

  9. Joi says:

    Bought a pair on Friday! Thanks for the rec!

  10. So cute and I have other shoes from that brand so I know they’re seriously comfy. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Tenaya says:

    Just ordered these cute flats. Thanks for sharing and the coupon code!

  12. Love them! ( and seriously loving your blog!! ) xoxo Sarah

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