Ikea Highlights

Over the weekend I went to Ikea to pick up this pillow. Still playing around with where it’s going to, but so far it’s been living here and I’m liking it.

I did a spin around the entire store to see what was new and here is a round up some of my must buy items at Ikea.

No. 1: In my house I can never have enough throws. I just love to snuggle and watch TV, pick up a book or just play with Hudson. This striped number is a classic pattern and at a great price point ( Only $20) plus it’s super soft!

No. 2: This lampshade reminds me of a similar lampshade that Anthropologie use to sell. I always loved it, but it was pricey. At $24.99 this shade could add a girly touch to any room.

No. 3: I still have a soft spot in my heart for vintage botanical prints. If you need some in a hurry this set of 5(Only $5) could be picked up and framed in a matter of minutes at Ikea.

No. 4 Now a days it seems like blogger out there is doing a revamp project with this bookcase.I wasn’t sure what to think of it, because in pictures it looks like it might not be that sturdy. In person though it looked well made and I now give it my seal of approval.

No. 5:  I have a vintage wooden dining room table so I’m always using tablecloths to protect it. I love this striped number and with their width and length you could even grab a pair and use them as curtain panels.

No. 6: Many of my clients have living rooms that need to multi task as home offices too. Parson style desks are always my go to desk, but this desk had me do a double take. It’s a great price point ($269), comes in a high gloss finish (white/black/red/gray) and is extra long and would work as a console as well.

I also loved these blue tree curtains, but they don’t seem to be online yet:

These peacock blue curtains with black dots:

Along with these gray polka dot duvet sets:

What must have item have you spied at Ikea lately?



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5 Responses to Ikea Highlights

  1. Nat says:

    Love the new pillow! I think I might need to pick up that striped throw, for only $20 it’s a steal- now I might need to plan an ikea trip!

  2. Beth says:

    That store is so funny- two people can go in and not see the same stuff! I was just there and didn’t see half of this!

  3. I love where your new little pillow lives — adorable! :-)

  4. Sara says:

    I just love ikea! All of your picks are so great! I’ve had my eye on those tree curtains since I saw them in the catalog, too. I think they are going to go in my master, or maybe a client’s house. I was thinking of doing the gold spray paint treatment on those shelves that everyone has been blogging about, too.

    I haven’t been in a while, but am planning a little day trip this month. Also on my list is the little turquoise cart!

  5. Jen Walter says:

    I just bought the same pillow two weeks ago. It was somewhat buried in pillow insert land, so I figured I would be the only person to ever find it! Ha ha. Oh well. I put it on the bed in our soon-to-be painted black guest room with a thin multi-chevron duvet. Looks great.

    I also just bought those black shelves with the glass. The price is insane. I’m spray painting them orange to put in my living room in need of a serious pop of color with its otherwise gray palette.

    Didn’t see those blue curtains or that desk. They will be mine! Thanks for the post.

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