I hope you guys are all enjoying these projects and getting some good gift ideas for others or for yourself. Let’s be honest I’m keeping everything I made. :)

Pillows with ribbon trim are everywhere now a days, but due to all of the measuring and sewing they can be rather pricey. Even when I have them made at my workroom the price is still crazy high and I’m paying wholesale prices. I know fretwork/greek key is everywhere with ribbon trim pillows so, I decided to do something else and go with a caned pattern.

Loving the caned looked as well? Here is how to inject a dose of it into your own home.

For supplies you’ll need the same Ikea pillow cover from the DIY silhouette pillow, fabric glue, fabric paint (again I went with Tulip Soft Fabric paint),paintbrush, and ribbon (I found this pretty emerald green lattice one at Michaels).

Step 1: This step is optional, but since there is an inner seam that gives the look of a flat welt piping I decided to paint it a contrasting shade. Pastels are going to be huge come Spring and I have always adored purple with green so I went with a lilac shade.

STEP 2: Decide on placement for your vertical ribbon. I decided to go in 3 inches from the faux piping on both ends of the pillow.

STEP 3: I find it incredibly difficult to keep things in a straight line. Horrible trait in my field, but at least I have Jon who always helps with straight lines. Don’t worry I’m not out giving my clients wonky installs. In order to keep in check I decided to give myself a guide for my glue line and help keep the ribbon straight. Since I was placing my ribbon 3″ in from the piping I gave myself a dotted line guide at 3.5″.

STEP 4: Measure out your placement for the horizontal pieces of ribbon you need to add to the pillow. Since I did 3″ on the vertical pieces I did 3″ for the horizontal pieces. Again I used my dotted line step in order to get a straight line.

STEP 5: Mock up your corner pieces. Now yes I could have measured here, but I decided to just eye ball. Much quicker and just as pretty. I made sure to cut my mock up pieces extra long in order to give myself some room to cut the pieces on a slant.

STEP 6: To cut the ribbon on an angle and get a crisp cut I folded over the pieces on the corner and marked up my cut before going to town with scissors. Such an easy and quick step and helped me get a crisp cut on the first try.

STEP 7: Once your corners are cut simply glue into place and let dry.

Voila all finished!

Close up!

So, what did you think? Are you up to trying it out yourself? I love it and it’s just what my striped chair needed.

Any favorites thus far from DIY gifts? Pom Pom heart pillow? Silhouette pillow? Abstract collage artwork? They are all my babies so I can’t pick a favorite!

Speaking of babies.

This baby who doesn’t love it when Mommy has to do work is turning 1 today! Can you believe it? Do you guys remember this day!It has seriously flown by and I’m more in love with everyday. I’m totally obsessed with him and could talk about him all day to anyone/everyone. I’ve become one of those people I never said I would be. So, in honor of Hudson we are taking the day off and going off to celebrate all day long!

P.S. I totally realize I never did a full nursery reveal and just shared little snips here and there. Well it’s because it looks like we might be getting our house featured on a pretty major website and I couldn’t reveal the whole room. Fingers crossed we find out soon if it’s official.

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  1. I would have to say this one is my favorite! I am in love!

  2. Denise says:

    Beautiful pillow, and enjoy every minute of Hudson your little guy…time goes by way too fast!

  3. So now I have a pillow for the girls room and a pillow for me! Win win!! Thanks again for sharing. And happy birthday to Hudson!

  4. LindsB says:

    Love this- the painted faux piping is my favorite!

  5. Carrie says:

    Happy birthday Hudson! My son turns 10 tomorrow! It goes very quickly… enjoy!!!

  6. Oooh, looks great! Super chic and classy, but also festive. Would love to do this, if I had the perfect ribbon and fabric… hmm…

  7. Sarah says:

    Good luck on your feature!!

  8. sarah k says:

    Lovely pillow, very creative and fun. Good luck with your home being featured…looking forward to finding out with you.

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Hudson!!! It flies by, doesn’t it?!?!! Fingers crossed on the website publicity — yay!!

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