This is one of my favorite gift ideas, because I love how personalized it is. Inspired by this image from the design team of Massucco Warner Miller.

Here is how to recreate the look yourself:

I’ve seen some variations out there on how to do a silhouette pillow, but I’ve never seen it done this way so hopefully it’s new to you. Plus no need to whip out a sewing machine or make your own stencil or screen print it.

The key to the ease of this project is the ready made pillow cover available at IKEA, the felt sheet (picked up for 30 cents at Michaels) and the fabric paint (Tulip Soft Fabric Paint).

Step 1: Take a profile picture (I just shot Hudson against a plain white wall. Not an easy feat with a wiggly baby) then I just printed it out in black/white (my printer was running out ink hence the weird print out.)

Once you have the print out just cut it out and pin onto the felt.

*Hudson’s hair is getting long and he has the cutest little duck tail, but I’m refusing to cut.

Step 2: Is totally optional, but the greatest thing about this pillow is that there is an seam, which gives the illusion of a flat welt piping. Now if you leave it as is you don’t really notice it, but to give a more designer look then get some fabric paint and paint on the flat welt in a contrasting color.

Step 3: While your trim is drying you can now cut out your profile in felt. Since you’ve pinned it on it’s not moving anymore and you can cut it very easily. Plus with felt you have clean lines so no fabric fraying or paint edge bleeding.

STEP 4: Pick your placement and adhere with Fabri Tac.

Step 5: I wasn’t sure how strongly the glue would hold so I was going to stitch around the silhouette with embroidery thread in a contrasting color like the image above. Well the glue was strong enough on it’s own and I don’t want to stitch on my little man’s face and distract from his profile so I left it as is.

You could also use the thread to stitch the date and name on the pillow. I think I’m going to do that and then make a new one every year to see how his profile changes. Can you tell that I’m getting overly sentimental due to my little man turning one this Friday!!!!

Here it is all finished:

Close up:

So, are you up to making one or two or three? I think they make great gifts.

What’s been your favorite DIY gift thus far?
This pillow? The Pom Pom heart pillow?Or the abstract artwork collage?




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  1. That is freaking adorable! OMG. Dying! Going to have to recreate this one.

  2. Ashley says:

    This is a MUST-DO project! How wonderful to capture Hudson just as he is right now. Beautiful.

  3. OMG this is too cute! And I already have that pillow cover just sitting in my closet waiting for me.

  4. Frances says:

    all three DIY are great and so easy to recreate… thanx for the inspiration =)

  5. Carrie says:

    Very cute! It’s hard to wrangle a 10 y.o. and a 6 y.o. too, but I still might try! :)

  6. Lora Green says:

    This is my first visit to your blog & I’ve enjoyed looking through some of your posts. Such a cute silhouette pillow! I love the contrasting ‘faux’ piping.

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