Extra large artwork for less than $20!

Hi All,

I wish I had a fab scenes from my weekend post to share with you all, but my iphone camera was all full of pictures and due to grey and misty weather we weren’t able to tackle all of the furniture painting we needed to do outside. So, what did we do? Well a whole lot of nothing and it was wonderful. We got ourselves hooked on Shameless. So good!

So, instead of blank weekend pictures I have to share this amazing site where we can print beautiful extra large artwork for only $5 and then take the jpeg to Staples and print it for around another $5-$7 bucks!

Enter Caravan Shoppe the brainchild of Ollibird and Fifth & Hazel.Here are some of my favorites:

Fortune’s Favor World Map:

And Yet…Solar System:

I cannot live without books:


It’s Better Tandem:

Fun, right? All of them are only $5 to download and can be enlarged to 36″ x 48″.

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5 Responses to Extra large artwork for less than $20!

  1. Anne W says:

    really fun! I was just talking with our pastor’s wife about large (inexpensive) artwork for our bare church walls…I guess the only challenge is finding decent inexpensive frames–I’m pretty sure you’ve blogged about this very thing before, would you mind linking me back to the post?

  2. heather j says:

    Big fan of the caravan shoppe. Great art! Can’t beat the price either.

  3. sarah k says:

    Super! cant beat the price either. Great in an office or child’s room I think.

  4. Kayla C says:

    Great find – thanks for the share!

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