My Dirty Laundry: Hamper Guide

Every household needs some sort of dirty laundry keeper aka a hamper, but often times I find it very difficult to find a hamper that is stylish and not utilitarian looking. Here is a round up of some stylish hampers currently on the market.

stylish hamper picks

1. An updated take on the traditional wicker hamper with this stylish hamper.
2. I always love those large industrial looking hampers, but they are always pricey. This find is only $53!
3. Short on space? Not an issue with this hamper from Land of Nod.It can fold close when you are not using it.
4. I have this beauty myself in orange. I love the rope detailing.
5. This contemporary number is the perfect footprint for a small space. Only a 13″ diameter.
6. Handwoven African baskets are always a great hamper solution.
7. Love the basketweave wood face to this hamper along with the dark stain. So glamorous looking. Well as glamorous as a hamper can be.
8. For kids hampers I love this sweet Ellie.
9. If you are an apartment dweller that sends their laundry out I love this laundry box solution with the draw string closure.



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One Response to My Dirty Laundry: Hamper Guide

  1. Thank you for this post! I have been struggling to find a hamper for our bathroom, and this gives me so many more ideas!

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