Look for Less: Border Trim Duvets

Lately everyone in the design world has been going with all white bedding. Last year we all started to see a trend where the bedding stayed mainly white but there were now pops of color with a banding/border of color on our bedding. As a color lover I love the new addition.

With all of the different bedding options out there you can find this look in a variety of places, but most of options have the duvet covers beginning at $200 plus for a Queen and you will still need to add shams. It all starts to add up, which is why Karin from Crane and Canopy started her company. She had a pretty new home which she was trying to furnish and quickly all of the additions that make a house a home started to shrink her wallet. In researching the typical bedding manufacturer’s process Karin saw that the reason for the higher price tag on bedding was all of the middle men. So, what did Karin and her business partner (who is also her fiance) do? They decided to cut out the middle man. They do design in house and then send that directly to the factory and then the bedding goes to the customer.

I was so happy when Karin reached out to me and let me know all about her company. You all know I love a good deal and this deal is just too good to share.

One of my favorite styles that they currently have available is the Linden collection in coral. It’s also available in gray.

{You can shop the whole collection here.}

Since you are going to save so much money I decided to whip up a little style plan with a preppy boho vibe that will showcase your Linden bedding collection in coral:

crane & canopy

No. 1: I would mix up the toss pillows a bit and use some bolder colors/patterns that go well with coral. A Trina Turk embroidered greek key pillow in green that is on sale for $59.99, a leopard lumbar pillow for $44, and a velvet blue pillow for $45.

No. 2: To dress the bed I would go with the Linden collection in coral and some of their blue embroidered sheets! Yes they carry sheets too!

No.3: This suzani inspired the whole color story for the space. I would either use it as a coverlet at the end of the bed or to re-upholster the headboard!

No.4: I love a canopy style bed and the price point on this one is amazing! The Lauren upholstered canopy bed is $344.99. Leave it as is or paint it (I would go with something in the gold family) and reupholster headboard with suzani. In keeping with the boho look and not distracting from the lines on the canopy bed I would use a grasscloth covered parson end table.Top it off with a little sparkle in the form of this mercury table lamp for only $99.99.

No.4: Your toes deserve a soft spot to land on which means this diamond shag rug is the perfect addition.

All in all you can have the whole look for around $1,500.

*Get $10 off your order by signing up for their newsletter here.

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5 Responses to Look for Less: Border Trim Duvets

  1. Ashley says:

    This bedding is beautiful! So happy to know this company exists. Thanks for sharing, Camila.

  2. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the intro!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Camilla! Very happy to know about this source and I love the style plan you created!

  4. madeleine says:

    wow!!! those are a great price, I love white bedding but it is hard to justify the price when my dog jumps all over my bed. These are much more reasonable

  5. Oh my gosh- wish I would have known about this before going for the S&L option. PS- love the suzani. I’m doing something similar at the end of my bed.

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