What you need to buy at Ikea…

You know when you go to Ikea to pick up one specific item and end up wandering around and adding way too many items to your cart and then pick up a chocolate bar (damn the diet!) on the line because it’s oh so long and then leave to get your car and realize you will now have to do some crazy balancing act to get everything to the car because you didn’t bring a bag (You were only going for one thing) and then you get home all proud of yourself for actually getting everything home in one piece and realize you picked up the wrong version of that one initial thing you needed!!!! Ah! Just me?

I’ve been to Ikea more times then I can count these last couple of days for one reason or another and today I will have to go back again to return the wrong item I picked up and pick up the correct one. In all of my trips I ran through the market place a bunch of times and found some stylish items that everyone should be picking up Ikea.


No. 1: Of course a polka dot item had to catch my eye. This rugcome in black and orange in the 4″ x 6″ size and is only $20! It’s low pile, but not super thin. It actually looked really nice made and like it would hold up to a lot of traffic. I could see it in a lot of different space and if you need something bigger simply pick up 2 rugs and butt them up to each other. It has a teeny binding around it so you shouldn’t see much of a seam.

No. 2: I have patio’s on my mind and have slowly been trying to piece together what I would like to do in my backyard. By the registers at IKEA they have a ton of summer items and this table stopped me in my tracks. A lot of outdoor furniture is made out of iron and has tons of scroll work on it. Not my cup of tea. I loved the clean lines on this table and that it was available in either black or white and didn’t scream outdoors. Plus it was a large size (39″ W x 80″ L) and only $169!

No. 3:  Inexpensive window treatments can be hard to come by. In my sourcing I do find lots of $10 a panel options, but let’s face it they are not the nicest options out there and most of ones by me always have some sort of iridescent sheen on them. So, Ikea is always a great source for classic aka all white panels that are nice to look at it and feel. Normally I dress them up with some sort of trim, but these panels already have that done for $15. Love the stripe action going on here and they while they are a bit see through it would be easy to get them lined (My seamstress charges around $20 a panel) or DIY with a no sew option by applying white felt to the back with spray adhesive. Just cut to size, spray glue and set. With felt you just need scissors and you will have clean lines/no fraying.

No. 4: I purchase a lot of sconces at IKEA for clients and myself, but of course I always tweak them with either a paint job or custom shade. One this beauty I think I would leave the outside as is, but add a touch of gold to the inside of the shade.

No. 5: Line a hallway or a staircase with this beauty (Also available in black) heck at the $10 price point you could use it to upholster a bench and anything else in between. A good stripe needs to have good spacing between the stripes and this pattern is perfection.

Good finds, right? I was surprised that my round up ended up mostly black and white because I’m such a color lover, but these classic items don’t need a pop a color to make me smile.



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4 Responses to What you need to buy at Ikea…

  1. Agreed. Love the rugs. Need all of this!

  2. IKEA is just genius. Polka dots, stripes and scones = heaven.

  3. Sarah says:

    We have a trip to Ikea planned for the near future- at 2 hours away, we have to really think ahead! I love that rug: it may just go on the list because I believe it’d look great in our living room.

  4. Kristy Keele says:

    I was at IKEA just the other day The polka dot rug is crazy good for the price! Missed those sconces however! Such a great find! They look super high end and are now on my ‘lust list’ :)

    Best, Kristy

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