Adding personality to a builder grade bathroom

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Many of us have builders grade bathroom’s in our homes. My home is an older home with an original master bathroom, but at some point they added a half bath and when we moved in it was literally a blank box.

Our course there was lighting, neutral walls and a vanity and toilet and everything functioned but it was so blah. Now I could have simply painted walls added some patterned towels and called it a day. It is after all just a tiny half bathroom, but I decided to go a bit nutty in there because it was such a small space ( 8’6″ x 3’5″) that if I didn’t go bold I wouldn’t make any sort of impact.

effortless style bathroom

Here are some tips that could help you decorate your blank slate.

effortless style bathroom

1. Go bold on the walls: Always wanted to paint a room a dark color like black or use an overly floral wallpaper? A small bathroom with mainly all white fixtures is the place where you can go bold. We decided to go with floor to ceiling beadboard to give our blah walls some personality. I decided to leave everything white, which to me was a bold statement, because I love color and don’t really ever do white. I picked beadboard because it was easily and faster to install than wallpaper and I still got some stripes on the walls.


faux tin ceiling

2. Don’t forget the ceiling: Ceilings are the fifth wall that is forgotten many, many times. To my husband’s dismay I never forget the ceiling so he gets the fun job of helping me paint, wallpaper or even apply faux tin onto the ceiling like we did in this space. It’s a little detail and something people might not think makes a difference, but I get the most compliments on it. Plus again it was super easy to apply just peel and stick and since it’s on the ceiling no one else knows it’s faux.


gallery wall in bathroom

3. Use this space as your design lab: Inspired by a bathroom designed by Amanda Nisbet I loved the idea of filling bathroom walls with artwork. I took a note from Amanda and took it up a notch by literally filling all of the walls in my half bath art from floor to ceiling.


effortless style bathroom

4. Small details count: I didn’t want to spend any money on getting new versions of the big ticket items in the space, but I did want add a little design accents to certain fixtures so my own silly but important to me detail was switching out the toilet flusher. I love how retro it looks. Make sure to add nice fluffy hand towels along with a pretty soap dish and some fresh flowers.


effortless style bathroom

5. Don’t forget the floors:  I hate nothing more than a bath rug. I especially hate these sets. I always use vintage rugs instead. I always find lots of beautiful vintage kilms, Persians and Turkish rugs for great steals on ebay and since most bathrooms are on the small size you can get most rugs for around $30-$50.


Are you ready to add a little personality to your plain jane bathroom?

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6 Responses to Adding personality to a builder grade bathroom

  1. Love these suggestions!!

  2. Love your bathroom. I’m getting ready to do a refresh on mine, so this post comes at a great time! :)

  3. Paige says:

    Where did you get your snazzy tank lever? Super cute!

  4. Abbey says:

    Where do you find unique fixtures like the toilet flusher? Adorable!

  5. Nina says:

    What size is your rug? I am actually looking on eBay now :) Great ideas! I totally agree about the bath rugs thing. I bought one and it just gets so filthy and smashed down… No bueno! Time for a change!!

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