Elephants go Marching…

Last Easter I hosted a lunch and I decided to use my white elephant teapots as vases for the table.


I got many emails asking where I picked them up and sadly I didn’t have any sources because they were a clearance find from Pier 1 and no longer available.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a couple of great white teapot options all under $30.

Target and World Market both have options for $12.99.

Zappos has an option for $22.99 and the finally option from ModCloth comes in at $29.99.

Happy Shopping!

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2 Responses to Elephants go Marching…

  1. Love the World Market option. Too cute!

  2. Mindy says:

    Too cute, and lots of great options. My grandmother has an elephant collection (that makes it sound like she has real-life elephants in her backyard!) and something along these lines would make a great gift!

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