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We have always been told not to judge a book by it’s cover. With that same mindset I decided not to judge a random catalog that arrived at my parents house.

From time to time I have checked out what is available at Country Door.It’s not my typical go-to source, but I have found some diamonds in the rough. I had forgotten about it these past couple of months so it was nice to get re-introduced to it.

Here are the current diamonds in the rough I think you’ll all enjoy!

country door

Arabesque Pendant Lamp for $89.99. This piece would work perfectly in a nautical/beachy, eclectic or modern space.

Rustic Medicine Cabinet for $129.99. I’m love the jade color. We need to re-do our laundry room and I think this would be perfect in it!

Hollywood Regency Mirror for $189.99. Love the ornate yet chic scroll work.

Oxford Stripe Grommet Panel for $34.99. Available in blue or black stripe. Reminds me of ticking fabric and with the cost or fabric and labor it’s at a perfect price point for ready made panels.

Any other diamonds in the rough you have found on their site?

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2 Responses to Country Door Finds

  1. My grandma gets this magazine too and although I consider her super stylish I was skeptical too but you’re right they have some really cute stuff at very affordable prices!

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