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The main project in the house this summer has been getting the deck up and running. Back in the fall we had a wood deck installed by professionals and then this summer we stained it, added a dining area,and picked out the perfect outdoor rug. It’s come along way from our before photos.

The key to finishing the deck was getting a seating area of some sort so that we could have a living room type set up outdoors as well. I thought this would have been easy seeing that it was the summer and all of the big box stores were selling furniture. The task was harder than expected. The budget friendly options were awful quality when we saw them in person and the good quality pieces were thousands of dollars. Neither option was appealing.

I’ve never been scared of ordering furniture online so I figured why not give it a try with the outdoor furniture. When I order furniture online I always make sure that they have some sort of showroom guarantee where you can have the furniture in your home for 30 days and test it out. If you hate it they will come pick up and typically there is little to no shipping fee for the return back.

My online hunt lead me to Select Furnishings. They had the best prices with amazing reviews.  The majority of the pieces on their site for $999 or less.

I checked out my measurements and decided that the London set would be perfect for our deck.

It took a week to arrive from California and it was really easy to set up.


The best part? It’s available in a variety colors like orange! I went with the orange, but you also get the natural/beige color as well. The cushions have piping, UV protection, which means they won’t fade and zippers so you can remove them and throw them in the wash!

We have already had a bunch of people over and the love it! It’s been so nice to enjoy it during the day and at night!


Because it’s a sectional it comes in 6 different pieces plus a coffee table. The perk of the individual pieces is that you can arrange the sectional in a bunch of different layouts that are shown on the site.The negative is that since it’s all separate pieces if you get up a bit quickly it moves around a bit. Not fun to an OCD person like me. The first day I spent a lot of time straightening every piece after people got up.

Jon came up with a great solution for our little problem….zip ties! We flipped the sections over and zip tied them together in the layout we liked. Now it’s all one solid piece so it’s moving and it’s really simple to remove it if we want to try a different layout. Plus with the weaving on the furniture you simply thread the zip ties thru existing openings and don’t have to make any holes.


Now I’m just waiting on a couple of toss pillows to arrive and need to wrap up an outdoor bar set up for the big reveal!

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2 Responses to Outdoor Furniture: Select Furnishings

  1. stephanie says:

    Love the way the backyard has come together!! Can you tell me more about your fire pit?? I think something like that would be great for my outdoor space…

    • effortless says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      That fire pit was actually something Jon put together. It was simply a metal base that was part of a $20 grill we picked up placed on a circle of pavers that he set up.


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