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16 Jun

Designer Indecision

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://A couple of months ago I bookmarked this fabric: I wanted it to go on a custom bench I’m having done for the living room that will look similar to this: I kinda loved it and hated it at the … Continue reading
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15 Jun

Partial DIY Reclaimed Dining Table

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://A couple of months ago I started sourcing a reclaimed dining table for a client. One would think this would be an easy task since these days they seem to be everywhere, but I kept coming up empty handed. We … Continue reading
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14 Jun

Sweet dreams and a GREAT BUY!

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://A while back I was sourcing the stunning Colette bed for a client. We loved the look, color, style, but the price stopped us in our tracks. It wasn’t crazy expensive for a bed, but for $2,000 it ate up … Continue reading
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13 Jun

Weekend Recap: Renegade Craft Fair

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://We had a rainy weekend, but that didn’t stop us from getting a little work and fun done over the weekend. Saturday morning we headed into Brooklyn with a partial client install. (More details on that tomorrow. We have a … Continue reading
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10 Jun

Artist Spotlight: Julia Denos

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://My favorite part about getting this months copy of Anthology was the front cover: I was obsessed I loved every bit of it and had to know who has illustrated that gorgeous work. I quickly found out it was done … Continue reading
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09 Jun

Klein Tool Bags

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I have a little secret. I’ll spill the beans, but everyone has to promise not to tell Jon. Normally I dread trips to Home Depot. I find that even a quick trip can lead to an hour long trip of … Continue reading
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08 Jun

Bathing Beauties

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://These next couple of days we are going to be hit with a bit of heat wave. Temperatures are suppose to reach mid to high 90’s and thoughts of the beach were running through my head. As a small business … Continue reading
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07 Jun

To paint or not to paint…

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I’ve become slightly obsessed with pinterest and last week I found an image that I can’t get out of my head. Isn’t it pretty? This bookcase was designed by Annie over at Relish Small Pleasures. I immediately thought it would … Continue reading
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06 Jun


Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Hi Loves, Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Monday has once again come way too quickly for me. I want my 3 day weekend back! We were able to get a lot accomplished this weekend. We made some big … Continue reading
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03 Jun

IN HER SHOES: Create Girl

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://This weeks IN HER SHOES feature is a friend I made through twitter. While I am still getting the hang of twitter and at times forget to tweet for days at a time. Julie from Create Girland Jace Interiorsis the … Continue reading
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