DIY Fretwork Mirrors

sofa area

From yesterday’s revealĀ  I have received a bunch of emails about the mirrors and where they can be purchased. Well, the short answer is that they can’t be purchased because they were a DIY project. The longer answer is the DIY steps that I will be going over in this post. It was actually a really easy project and really cost effective.

Close up of mirrors:

For this space we needed a set of 3 mirrors that was 30″ x 40″. When I sourced out framed mirrors with those measurements it was really difficult to find something with a clean and crisp frame. Next step then was getting a quote from a glass/mirror workroom I use and see how much it would be for them to make the mirrors for me and that was quoted at $1,000 for the set of 3! So, of course we decided we just make it ourselves and that worked out perfectly and came in around $275 for the set of 3!

Since we couldn’t find a framed mirror we liked we picked up framesless mirrors at Lowes.A 30″ x 40″ frameless mirror came in at $36.97.


Then I contacted my pal Danika from O’verlays and got a quote on their circle/square pattern. I can’t seem to find it online anymore, but this pattern is similar.


We ordered the O’verlays in 27″x 37″ so that we would have some spacing on the frameless mirror to add trim to it. We then applied the O’verlays to the mirror with the adhesive stickers they provide.

We then picked up some Azek trim, which is a PVC composite that is already white and matches the white in the O’verlays so there is no need to paint it if you want it all white. The perks of using it instead of wood trim is that it cuts out the priming and painting step and you won’t get any splintering of the trim during cutting.


We applied trim pieces onto the mirror with clear silicone.


The last step is how to now apply the mirror onto the wall. Frameless mirrors do not come with any hanging hardware so we needed to make it work on our own. We realized that the best way to hang the mirrors was with french cleats. Since frameless mirrors have no backings we had nothing to screw the french cleats into the backs of the mirror.

So, here is what we did:
hanging of fretwork mirrors

We took two pieces of wood in the measurements above and applied it with mirror mastic. Once it set we were able to attach the french cleat with screws. The bottom piece of wood was added to balance the top piece so that mirror would not lean once it was on the wall.

All done!


Happy Friday!

*If you have any questions just leave them in the comments section and I will respond there.




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4 Responses to DIY Fretwork Mirrors

  1. Those look great! I’m such a terrible DIY-er

  2. Pamela H. says:

    How does this material take paint? Are there any treatments needed prior to painting? Will paint adhere well?

  3. Ann Ruggles says:

    What a great idea! If I put one on my mantle, I could just lean it and not need the french cleats.

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